Mysta Rias is a male English Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI EN's fourth wave
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Mysta Rias is a well-known alias of a British male virtual YouTuber and a member of the Luxiem fourth wave of NIJISANJI EN.

Shu Yamino, Luca Kaneshiro, Ike Eveland, Vox Akuma, and Mysta are all members of NIJISANJI EN's fourth wave Luxiem. As described by his profile, he is a detective from the past best known for his eccentric nature.

Mysta has solved numerous mysteries with his keen deduction skills as a natural-born genius. He is characterized by his outspoken and loud way of speaking, bizarre and humorous personality, and proneness to swearing.

He has a mature sense of self, allowing him to address challenging concerns when necessary. Mysta loves his two cats, Tom and Jerry, and has two Canines, Dusky and Cloudy. He stands 177cm tall and speaks with a Cockney accent.

Mysta's face reveal has been a most awaited moment for his fans. Many of his followers wonder about his real face and name. So, has the virtual YouTuber ever revealed his face? Here is what we know about him.

Has Mysta Rias Done His Face Reveal?

Like any other Virtual YouTuber, Mysta Rias has kept his true identity under the curtain; he has yet to reveal his face.

Virtual YouTubers are the ones whose distinctive attribute is that they do not show their true identity. They interact and communicate with their viewers using an avatar as their alias. Mysta is no exception and has yet to unveil his face.


However, the VTuber has shared many personal details about himself. He began his two rounds of auditions on June 18, 2021. One of the rounds was dedicated solely to male listeners. As per his profile, he celebrates his birthday on January 20.

NISANJIN EN announced the debut of its fourth wave called "Luxiem" on December 17, 2021. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser featuring the new Liver's voices and designs.

Mysta created his YouTube channel on December 1, 2021. He further opened his Twitter account in the same month. His Twitter username goes by @Mysra_Rias. He made his first tweet on December 17, 2021.

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What Is Mysta Rias's Real Name?

The Virtual YouTuber has not shared his real name and is known by Mysta Rias, affiliated with NISANJIN EN's fourth wave Luxiem.

Rias's fans have given him nicknames such as Dog Boy, Bussy Saka, Mold Man, Grandpa, Mysty, Mpreg Rias, and Mysby. He is popularly known for solving some of the most crucial cases in the country.

He has a strong sense of maturity and can discuss serious topics straightforwardly and further address them when needed. He has presented himself as talkative and bombastic on streams; however, he has also admitted that he is pretty shy when not streaming.


The fourth wave of NISANJIN EN made its debut on December 20, 2021, as part of a special debut program hosted on its channel, with commentary provided by Oliver Evans and Elira Pandora.

Virtual YouTuber Mysta was the fourth member of the group to debut. Later, all five members of the wave appeared on the main channel.

Virtual YouTuber Mysta Rias Talks About His Past Life

While following one particular case for a few months, Mysta Rias found himself transferred to the present day. 

It was about a famous nameless burglar who left no clues at his crime scenes, making it impossible for Mysta to identify him. On the other hand, his strong sense of smell and detective mind alerted the robber.

It turned out to be Luca Kaneshiro, although he was briefly revealed as the thief in a clip of his legend. Mysta was abruptly whisked away by an unknown natural force, which transferred him to an unknown region.


At this place, he notices the light at the end of the tunnel and becomes inebriated at a pub. The bartender introduced him to virtual YouTubers at this bar. He opted to become a VTuber hoping to catch the burglar and return to his everyday life.

Mysta Rias Fan Art Collection - Meet Him On Instagram

Virtual YouTuber Mysta Rias is not available on Instagram but is effortlessly available on Twitter and YouTube.

Although Mysta is not found on Instagram, many of his fans post photos relating to him with the hashtag #mysrarias. He joined Twitter in December 2021, and within a short time, he has already gained over 973k followers.

On YouTube, Mysta has garnered over 881k subscribers. Moreover, he reached 200,000 followers on his Twitch channel. He also celebrated the gain shortly after with a Twitch stream.

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