Sakura Miko's cover picture on her game page
Sakura Miko's cover picture on her game page( Source : fandom )

Has Sakura Miko shown her real face? The famous YouTuber looks cute even with a masked face.

Miko, a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber, took the limelight for the revelation of her face and sound. However, she has not revealed her face fully but with a mask.  

Sakura, a member of hololive, debuted outside of a generation and worked under Cover Crop. She has got nicknames such as Miko-chi, Elite Miko, Mikomiko, and sakuramiko35. Moreover, the YouTuber debuted on YouTube on August 1, 2018.

Has Sakura Miko Shown Her Real Face? Real Name Disclosed

Sakura Miko has not shown her full face on social media. In a video on TikTok, she revealed the eye and forehead parts.

A YouTube Channel, Hololive Face Collection, shared a video where people could see her face. The video was about 0.12 seconds long. 

Based on the video, she must have a cute face with the band and short hair. Her soft sound had captivated millions of game lovers. 

The Youtuber hides her identity under the beautiful animated lady. She used to work hard in the virtual Sakura Shrine and accomplished duties as a shrine maiden until she followed the god's orders.

Miko aims to pursue her dream under the maiden idol and continue working hard for her dream. Self-proclaimed elite gamer is emotionally attached to NPCs and inanimate objects.

Sakura Miko Identity & Real Age 

The virtual artist Sakura Miko could be a teenager. However, the YouTuber has not disclosed her real age on social media.

The private YouTuber keeps all her personal information behind the cameras. Japanese-gamer Miko became a virtual shrine maiden idol and continued to work hard for her dream.

Probably, Sakura is between 15-19. Her sound is light and catchy. As reported in Hololive, she admits to being one of the most introverted people in Hololive.

She did the best practice in hiding her real identity from the camera. However, she fully expressed herself when it was about singing with her melodious voice. Moreover, she loves going to America and experiencing shooting a gun in real life.

She has short pink hair with a bang and a ponytail on the left side of her hair. A cherry blossom hair ornament on the right side of her hair has flourished her look.

She now has a much more conventional shrine maiden dress with long detachable sleeves, asymmetrical stockings that are white rather than pink, and long detached sleeves.

She has long hair, and the bell ribbon in place of the cherry blossom hair accessory gets linked to her side ponytail on the other side.

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Sakura Miko's Boyfriend's Name - Who Is He?

Sakura Miko's boyfriend's name is unpredictable since she has never talked about his boyfriend.

Miko might be in a private relationship as she has not disclosed anything about her relationship. Overall, her relationship details are still unknown.

Her fans and followers are desperate to know about her love life. She has not confirmed her relationship.

According to Virtually Youtuber, the YouTuber created her Twitter account on March 31, 2018, whereas she created her Youtube channel on April 25.

In the initial days, she worked under CoverCorp, who joined hololive s the main cast in Miko no Tsutomu.

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