Tectone and Fream during a stream for OTK
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Tectone wife Fream is a Twitch streamer and lead designer at OTK network. Tectone and Fream separated in 2022.

Tectone made his Youtube journey in 2017, and since then, he has amassed more than 200 million views on the platform. In addition, he has over 750k subscribers at the moment.

The 28-year-old Canadian gamer attended Fanshawe College in Ontario, Canada. After graduation, he decided to do something independently, which led him to start his Youtube channel.

Tectone And His Wife Have Separated

Tectone wife Fream is a UI Designer and professional doodler. Fream is also an Emote artist and works as a lead designer at OTK network.

Fream's website describes herself as a typical demon overlord who eats all junk food. She is also a casual variety Vtuber. 

She is her character designer and plays games with the same character.

Tectone with his former wife Fream used to organize charity stream
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Fream has a Twitch account with 51.9K followers and Twitter account with 50.4K Followers. She joined Twitter in 2011 but came late to Twitch in 2021.

In addition, Fream is an artist and designer at OTK Network. She has collaborated with her husband and OTK Network. The couple has formed a perfect gaming duo. 

Apart from this, Fream trends on social media for her witty Tweets and comments. She once trolled her husband, Tectone, which gained her massive fans' support.

Tectone And Fream Married Life And Divorce Reason

The Vtuber and Fream were 18 when they fell in love. They had to get married so young that Tectone did not have to leave Canada.

Tectone and Fream were not just not life partners but also Twitch partners before confirming divorce on December 16, 2022. The couple had formed a perfect gaming duo. 

In 2020, Tectone shared a tweet on his Twitter, "I know this is mad dorky to say, but I'm really glad after being together with Fream for almost 9 years now, I still get excited to go to sleep so I get to wake up and start the day with her. To think I used to dread the idea of marriage but now it's my favorite thing owo"

Tectone shared a throwback picture with Fream when she ever saw a beach in real life
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As per his post on TwitLonger, as soon as they started living separate lives, they realized that they were happy as individuals. After learning so much about each other in the past 3-4 months before separation, they are better off separated.

Despite parting, Tectone stays good friends with Fream, who still calls her his best friend. He penned, "I'm 26 years old Bald, and Single. The OTK member also confirmed none of them cheated or mistreated, but it was a mutual decision.

During their marital period, they did not have any children. They are both cat lovers, so they owned cats as their pets.

Tectone Real Name

Tectone real name is John, he revealed his name on Twitter by sharing a post. He describes himself as a 6 feet and 7 inches person born in Oklahoma on December 29, 1993.

John has hazel eyes and weighs around 270 pounds. His favorite food is Baby Back Ribs and his favorite anime is Konosuba.

In 2022, Tectone shared his father's picture on his Twitter account on his birthday. He described his father as his hero and best friend NMP inspires him every day.