Holly Cinnamon, a young actress, is a tall and talented artist. She defines herself as a singer-songwriter, director, and movement coach.

Multi-talented actress Holly introduced herself as a yoga teacher, Alexander Technique, and a director. Talking with MENU, she revealed herself as a cis bizarre femme bisexual from a small town away from Edmonton. She was born in Alberta in Canada.

According to Laura Robinson's tweet on June 23, 2016, Cinnamon is an actress who played the role of Anne in Annee and Gilbert. She appeared for lunch and attended the sessions. The actress is bisexual Shiv Roy. Cinnamon is best famous for her role as Julie Barnes in Season of Marvel's Daredevil Episode 5. Likewise, the actress performed in Off-Broadway in Dear Jane and in many independent films.

The yoga teacher removes the toxicity of her mind and body by doing different yoga poses. The Canada-based artist resides in New York City, United States.

Some Things To Know About Her

NameHolly Cinnamon
BirthPlaceAlberta Canada
ProfessionActor, singer-songwriter, writer, director, yoga teacher

Holly Cinnamon Age And Height

Holly Cinnamon is a young artist who stands at 5 feet and 4 inches. She looks tall in her Instagram photos.

Unfortunately, the actress has yet to mention her age on social media. However, she looks in her mid 20's by looking at her IG and social media photos. Her facial attire has attracted her fans. 

The actress usually experiments with her photo by doing photoshop. Like On July 22, the actress posed in an astronaut suit with a galaxy background.  Holly went to the cinema hall three days before to watch Hocus Pocus 2. The actress loved the concept of the film. She expressed her emotion of crying via an Instagram post. 

Holly Cinnamon is an actress who is also known for her beauty.
Holly Cinnamon is an actress who is also known for her beauty. ( Source : instagram )

At a such young age, the actress has achieved her dream in several fields full of struggles and passions. Since childhood, she has been enjoying all different sorts of cis light-colored women, from different backgrounds and beliefs. She is also passionate about bisexual society and its terms.

 Holly is of medium height. It is not normal to be just 5 feet and 4 inches for a Canadian background person. She does not share any kind of boundaries on any topic: either her sexuality or her beliefs.

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Holly Cinnamon's Boyfriend

As Holly Cinnamon mentioned she is bisexual, and the actress might have a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Bisexual, the person who gets attracted to both men and women, falls in the LBTGQ group. Unfortunately, the lady has not disclosed anything about her relationship on social media. She might have been in a relationship with a man. However, it is unclear about the description.

Like any other lady, Cinnamon might get attracted to boys until she didn't identify herself as bisexual. In an interview, Holly said she is passionate about femme tribade visibility and showing her own identity in the world. She grew up in a small midwest town and isn't have access to be in her real identity.

Looking thoroughly at her Instagram account, she has not posted anything about her realtionship status. However, the lady posted a photo where a baby and a boy were with her. All of them wore masks.

Holly Cinnamon with her probable boyfriend or best friend
Holly Cinnamon with her probable boyfriend or best friend ( Source : instagram )

At 13, she fell in love with Barbra Streisand and lived her dream to become a musical artist.

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Holly Cinnamon's Parents-Family Background

Holly Cinnamon's parents are of different ancestors. As reported by the actress, she has Irish, Danish, and Norwegian ancestors. She is light-colored Europea.

Basically, she was born in Alberta in Canada. Late her parents moved to several countries for a better life and life improvement. Unfortunately, the actress has not mentioned her parents' names on social media. The actress seems to be a private person about her family members. 

On judging her profile, she has not disclosed her family members eventhough she openly talks about her sexuality. She is fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian. Her expression and tone are natural.

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Holly Cinnamon's Wikipedia - Who Is She?

Holly Cinnamon is an Alexnder Technique, yoga teacher, actress, writer, and director. Being a multi-talented actress identifies her as a cis woman who represents femme of center.

Recently, she launched a popular soundtrack of Ride Sally Ride. Similarly, she is popular for 11, Words, Ignorance, and Little Boxes. As of now, the musician has not created any albums.  Sound Cloud has featured her music and songs on its site.

As reported in Backstage, she is an expert in poetry writing, Shakespearean Text, audiobooks, Voiceover, Comedy, Writing, Swimming, and Dances. The actress is in love with the role of Aster, a conspiracy theorist who resides on a rural farm. Furthermore, the lady is a proud member of CAEA, ACTRA,  AEA, Ring of Keys, and SAG-AFTRA.

Ring of Key is a group of professionals in musical theater who identify as peculiar women and nonconforming artists and who advocate for the arts. Furthermore, she portrayed Julie Barnes in Daredevil Season 3.

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Some FAQs

Who Is Holly Cinnamon?

Holly Cinnamon is an actor, singer-songwriter, director, and a writer. She is multi-talented, Further, Holly is a yoga teacher, Alexander Technique and movement coach.

Who Are Her Parents?

Holly has not disclosed her parent's face on the media. She shared a photo on mask with her parents on her Instagram account. The photo was her childhood photo.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is still unknown. The lady has mentioned herself as a bisexual. So, she gets attracted towards girls as well.