Hugh Hewitt is an American radio talk show host. ( Source : Imdb )

Hugh Hewitt, an American radio talk show host, has been married to his wife, Betsy Hewitt, for over three decades now. Here's more to explore.

The 66-year-old American radio host is currently trending on the web after his recent interview with the former American President, Donald Trump. It has become a huge talking point in the United States.

Hewitt, who is known for being a right-wing radio host, invited Trump on his show on Thursday, where the former US President made a bold statement regarding his current dispute with the FBI investigation.

Trump stated that he would have “no prohibition against running” for president in 2024 if he is indicted in the Justice Department’s criminal probe into classified documents he took to his Mar-A-Lago home and that the country would face “big problems” if he is indicted, reports Forbes.

Moreover, Mr. Trump said that he declassified all the documents before taking them into his home and he has done nothing wrong. He further added that the country will stand for him if he will be indicted.

However, Trump's lawyers are yet to make any official statement regarding this matter, and the case is still pending. Whatever will be the outcome, it will certainly be one of the most dramatic moments in the history of American politics.

The social media community has divided into two halves, some supporting the former President while some are brutally trolling him. Amidst all the drama, people are getting curious to know about Hewitt's family background.

NameHugh Hewitt
Age66 years old
ProfessionRadio talk show host, author, and political analyst
WifeBetsy Hewitt
Nationality American

Hugh Hewitt And His Wife Betsy Hewitt Married Life

Hugh Hewitt and his wife Betsy Hewitt tied the knot back on July 10, 1982. The couple is now married for over 40 years.

Hugh Hewitt's wife Betsy Hewitt.
Hugh Hewitt's wife Betsy Hewitt. ( Source : hitberry )

The 66-year-old Hewitt calls her wife "the fetching Mrs. Hewitt" on air, but he is yet to be captured with his partner in the media or any public events. Mrs. Hewitt doesn't enjoy the spotlight.

As per several reliable sources, the couple met in a fundraising program for the Republicans in the 1970s, and their love story began. Mrs. Betsy has been identified as a social worker.

Even after four decades of marriage, there have been no reports of any issues in their married life. Together, the couple is parents to three children and several grandchildren.

While the 66-year-old Hewitt remains busy with his talk show, Mrs. Hewitt runs the whole family and takes all the responsibility for her children and grandchildren. With constant support from his partner, Hewitt's professional career has flourished over the years.

Hewitt, active in the broadcasting industry for over two decades, has appeared on every major network, most recently being Fox News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier.

Apart from being a radio talk show host, Mr. Hugh is a political analyst and author. From 2016 through 2021 he was a frequent panelist Sundays on NBC's Meet The Press and a host and political analyst on MSNBC.  Similarly, he has authored 16 books on politics and faith. 

Hugh Hewitt And Betsy Hewitt Age Difference

Hugh Hewitt and Betsy Hewitt share an age difference of around five years. Mrs. Hewitt is yet to share her birthday details.

Hugh, born on February 22, 1956, is 66 years of age in 2022 and married Betsy, his current partner, in 1982 when he was just 26. Since then, the couple has been living together.

Hugh Hewitt hosting a show on MSNBC.
Hugh Hewitt hosting a show on MSNBC. ( Source : youtube )

The 66-year-old Hugh is a proud Buckeye, hailing from Warren, Ohio. He is an honors graduate of Harvard and the University of Michigan Law School and a former editorial assistant to Richard Nixon in his retirement in San Clemente. He also served as the president of the Nixon Foundation.

Mr. Hugh began his radio career on KFI in Los Angeles in 1990 and spent a decade as co-host of the nightly news and public affairs show on PBS’ Los Angeles affiliate KCET for which he received three Emmys. Later, he launched his nationally syndicated show on eight original in 2000.

Furthermore, he spent six years in the Reagan Administration, including stints in the President's House Counsel’s office and as Special Assistant to two Attorneys General. Currently, he runs The Hugh Hewitt Show on the Salem News channel.

Despite being one of the most prominent names in the American journalism industry, he has managed to live his personal life in a very private way. The media and the public still have very few details regarding his personal life.

Apart from all his achievements and honors, he has sparked controversy several times for his views on different socio-political matters, the most recent being his interview with Donald Trump.

Hugh Hewitt And Betsy Hewitt Are Parents To Three Children

Married for over four decades, Hugh Hewitt and Betsy Hewitt are parents to three children.

The couple shares two sons named Will and James, and a daughter, Diana. All three are married, living their own life, while Mr. Hugh resides in California with his wife.

Mr. Hugh is a proud father and grandfather of several children and enjoys spending time with his family. As of now, none of his children have come up to the media attention, and they live their life privately.

Furthermore, we are yet to gather any significant information regarding the profession of Will and James. As they grew up in a sporting environment, we can guess they may be athletes.

Meanwhile, the 66-year-old Hewitt is devoted to his professional life and spends time taking interviews with politicians and celebrities. Mr. Hugh represents the Republican party and supports Donald Trump's candidacy for the upcoming Presidential election.

However, the 66-year-old himself hasn't been involved directly in politics. Many of his followers want him to directly interfere in American politics, which he has denied for years.

As of now, people enjoy watching and listening to his talk show. The way he analyzes and asks questions to his guests on the show is quite fascinating for the audience.