The internet is taken over by the rumor about the pregnancy of the White House correspondent of Fox, Jacqui Heinrich. However, there has not been any confirmation from her about the rumors' certainty.

Let's find out more about the beautiful & talented white house correspondent.

Without a doubt, Jacqui Heinrich is one of the most recognizable white house correspondents to the public. She is known for her inciteful reporting that keeps the public aware and connected with the things that are going on in the president's house.

Initially, she joined Fox as a congressional correspondent and general assignment reporter based in New York. It was 2018 when she joined Fox and as of now, she has been promoted to the position of white house correspondent.

Is Fox News Anchor Jacqui Heinrich Pregnant?

There has been a rumor about Jacqui being pregnant; however, she is still to answer this rumor. Currently, it looks like the rumor about her is unwarranted and is just another celebrity hoax.

It is not a new thing for a celebrity reporter like her to be surrounded by baseless hoaxes. It was reported that she is in a relationship with a man named Franklin; however, the couple is not very open to the public about their relationship.

She is a graduate of George Washington University School of International Affairs and also worked as an intern for the United States Congress, MSNBC, and WRC-TV, the local NBC affiliate, as Fox.

She also served on KTNV-TV for three years as a reporter and weekend evening anchor. After that, she joined Boston 25, which was the job that further brought her into the public eye. 

Jacqui Heinrich Baby Bump Pictures On Instagram

People are discussing baby bump on Heinrich's Instagram photos; however, this seems to be only a rumor because such photos are unavailable. It looks like this rumor has no evidence to support it so far.

On Instagram, she goes by the handle name jacquiheinrich with more than 50,000 followers. she can, on Instagram, be seen uploading updates about various reports and her personal life events.

Maybe it will be answered once Jacqui clarifies it. She has been awarded by Emmy thrice and the 2017 General Assignment Reporter of the Year for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Boston/New England chapter.

While in Boston25, she also reported horrific incidents like the mass shooting in Las Vegas. As of now, she is covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what the president has been doing in response to calm the situation without provoking war.