Chef Gabriele Bonci, also known as the “Michelangelo of Pizza,” is known for his signature dough
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Does Gabriele Bonci have a wife, or is he not married as of 2022? With his appearance on TV and a new documentary, fans are curious about his personal life.

The ideal program for pizza fans, Netflix's "Chef's Table: Pizza" sets out to discover the world's top locations to eat the dish.

The people can tour restaurants and meet cooks that have altered the definition of a perfect pizza from the city of Phoenix to Italy and even as far as Kyoto, Japan.

Additionally, the series provides a glimpse into the lives of the participating chefs in addition to merely concentrating on the food, which makes it much more enjoyable.

Italian chef Gabriele, from Rome, was recently highlighted in an episode of Netflix's original series "Chef's Table: Pizza."

Quick Facts

Full nameGabriele Bonci
NicknameMichelangelo of Pizza

Is Gabriele Bonci Married And Has A Wife In 2022?

Gabriele Bonci might open up about his wife and married life in his new documentary. But on the other hand, the chef might not have found a partner yet.

Bonci is also a famous TV personality in Italy and even has a documentary on him
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The chef has kept his personal life private, so his married life or relationship status is undiscovered. In addition, the chef never mentioned his relationships with women or marriage in his interviews.

Italian celebrity chef Bonci was the focus of a Netflix documentary. He is a well-known television personality in Italy, and a documentary was made about him.

Many people have assumed he is married and has children based on age and career, but any evidence has supported either of these assumptions.

The famous chef has been effective in keeping quiet about his life outside of his pizzerias despite years of being the focus of intense media scrutiny.


Gabriele Bonci Wikipedia And Bio: His Career So Far

Chef Gabriele Bonci is a professional chef from Italy. He has also appeared in several TV shows, making him a personality.

Gabriele was born and brought up in Rome, Italy, and discovered his passion for cooking at a young age.
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In addition to being referred to as the "Michelangelo of Pizza," he is renowned for his distinctive dough, extraordinarily fresh ingredients, and superb flavours. In addition, he is a well-known TV personality in Italy.

Gabriele, born and raised in Rome, Italy, started cooking at a young age. So, after finishing his education, he trained to become a chef.

However, Gabriele concluded that he preferred preparing bread and pizzas to careful restaurant cooking. So he used his skills to build his main restaurant, Pizzarium, in the Italian capital after working at several restaurants in Rome.

Intriguingly, he is well known on Italian television and is a talented restaurant owner who has received various honours because he starred in the 2011 TV documentary "The Layover."

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Gabriele Bonci Net Worth As A Professional Chef

Gabriele Bonci makes most of his net worth from his restaurants. He has also got his documentary on TV.

Gabriele has created over 1500 receives for pizza a year and serves numerous flavors of the pie in his restaurants
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Given his fame and the degree of success he has attained in his work, there is no doubt that chef Gabriele Bonci is earning a substantial sum of money throughout his career.

The chef has undoubtedly made millions of dollars from his career so far. Pizza became Bonci's passion; throughout his career, he has created up to 1500 different pizza recipes.

The people of Italy don't need to be introduced to Bonci because he is so well-known throughout the nation. Bonci is highly known for his prowess with dough and frequently appears on television to showcase his abilities.

Chef Bonci has remade pizza in the Roman style throughout his career and shared his recipes with a big audience. They may be found at Pizzarium.

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