The Dallas Cowboys CB Kelvin Joseph is allegedly arrested for Cameron Ray's murder.

There have been many ongoing internet rumors about Dallas Cowboys cornerback linking him with the murder of Cameron Ray.

Cameron and his friends were visiting Dallas region from East Texas to celebrate a birthday but the sinister turn of events led to his death of Cameron in a midnight brawl.

In the Lower Greenville region, a brief altercation happened between Ray's group and an unknown man.

At the intersection of Greenville Avenue and Martel Avenue, a brief fight incident transpired between the two groups after a smoking man threw punches at Ray's group.

Police are investigating the motive behind the initial assault and the latter brawl.

A formal request has been made by the investigating lead team and concerned police department to the general public to help the search process by providing any possible leads against the crime and the suspects involved with the case.

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Is Kelvin Joseph Arrested For Cameron Ray's Murder? 

Kelvin Joseph is one of the many names that have been linked with the Greenville Avenue shooting murder of Cameron Ray.

As per police reports, Cameron and his three friends arrived in Dallas to celebrate a birthday but a brawl led to Ray's death.

At Lower Greenville, Cameron Ray and his friends were attacked by a man, who appears to be smoking before he says something to Ray and his team and throw some punches at them.

After a brief brawl, Ray and his friends can be seen heading toward their vehicle when another black vehicle arrives at the scene and starts firing at Cameron and his friends.

Bossman Fat Kelvin Joseph Accused Of Shooting Death

Kelvin Joseph, who is a cornerback for Dallas Cowboys has been linked by some of the online tweets and claims with the Cameron Ray murder case.

In the surveillance video, one of the many boys who arrived at the Dallas place seems to be a solidly built male with a distinctive chain hung around his neck.

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Kelvin Joseph, who has also built upon a rap career uploading rap records under the name of 'YKDV Bossman Fat', also happens to be wearing a similar chain that might have fueled the internet claims.

But there are ere assumptions and ongoing feuds, still a mere claim, until proven guilty.

Kelvin Joseph And Dallas Cowboys Rumors-Explore His Net Worth

Kelvin Joseph who has been affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys NFL team was drafted in the second round of NFL 2021.

He earns a six-figure salary of about $660000 excluding his $754k signing bonus and he also flaunts a massive net worth of over a million.