Meet The Senior CNN Legal Analyst Laura Coates
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Laura Coates is an American attorney and CNN's legal analyst. She is also the host of a talk radio show, The Laura Coates Show. As per fans, Laura seemed pregnant during one of her shows because of her change in physical appearance, which we will fact-check in this article.

Due to her diverse expertise, she is labeled as a constitutional expert. She is praised across the world for her compelling neutrality and ability to break down difficult and emotionally charged themes clearly and objectively.

Recognizing the critical need for more police accountability and better police-community relations, she wrote the best-selling You Have the Right in 2016. Laura's book cuts through the legalese to assist average folks in understanding their Amendment rights.

Is Laura Coates Pregnant With Husband Dale Gordon?

Laura Coates has not clarified whether or not she is pregnant, and until she verifies herself, we can't comment on that. 

After a recent change in her appearance, people assumed that she might be pregnant again for the third time. Laura and her husband are already the parents of two beautiful children.

Childrens Of Laura On Her Show
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Laura is a happy mom of a son and a daughter. Laura once burst into tears after her daughter, Sydney, remarked about her skin color.

Laura discussed her daughter's situation on SiriusXM's Urban View discussion show in 2018. Her daughter told her she disliked the way she looked. Laura was devastated when she heard this from her daughter.

Coates later stated that she understands her daughter's pain because she was also bullied for her ethnicity.

Laura Coates Family Information: Relationship Timeline With Dale Gordan

Laura Coates has a family with her husband, Dale Gordon. They are the proud parents of a daughter and a son. However, Gordon and Laura may not be together at the moment.

Laura has deleted all of the pictures with her husband Dale from her Instagram. There are pictures of her daughter and son but not pictures of her husband, so based on that, they might have separated.

Image Of Laura and Her Husband
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Her father, who spent much of his childhood in foster care, attended Amherst and went on to become a dentist, whereas her mother, the daughter of domestic workers, attended Smith and is now a Wells Fargo banker.

She also had two sisters who attended Smith and Amherst, but Princeton was Coates' first choice, and she had alternatives as a strong student at the prestigious St. Paul Academy.

Laura Coates Net Worth: Follow Her On Instagram

As per wealthypipo, Laura has a net worth of $2 million. On average, CNN pays around $100k a year to Laura for her work as a senior legal analyst.

Laura is also the author of the book Just Pursuit, The book is a powerful real story and revolutionary depiction of racism in the courtroom from CNN legal analyst Coates, who recounts her time as a dark colored female prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice.

Laura Is Also A Writer And Also A Professor
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Laura is also an adjunct professor, She travels the country speaking about civil rights, social justice, economic empowerment, and leaps of faith.

She previously worked as an Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia, where she prosecuted a wide range of severe charges such as armed crimes, child abuse, and physical assault.