BBC Journalist Nick Eardley has been a political correspondent for six years
Source : holyrood

Nick Eardley, a journalist, is rumored to be a homosexual. However, it is unclear about his sexuality.

People on the internet are now interested to know more about Nick's personal life as he is rumored to be a homosexual. His personal life has become the talk topic on social networking sites. He is now one of the subjects that people discussed on the internet most.

Eardley, the journalist on BBC, recently tweeted about Prime Minister Liz Truss's revelation of her energy plan to Parliament. He talked about Liz's plan to support households and businesses. The journalist has been active on Twitter under the username @nickeardleybbc

The BBC Political Correspondent worked for BBC News channel On September 4, Nick returned back to the office and talked about the Chief Political Correspondent role @BBCPolitics for a few months.




Is Nick Eardley Gay? Partner

Nick Eardley is rumored to be a homosexual. Many people want to know more about his sexuality after this rumor.

However, he has not mentioned anything about his relationship status and sexuality. Social media and he has not officially announced his relationship status. The BBC correspondent seems to be single as of 2022.

Eardley's love for traveling somehow justifies that he preferred to be single. Likewise, he has not disclosed any relationship status on his Instagram account @nickardley. North London-based journalist was reported to be dating someone in private. 

Some media speculates he might be dating a guy from his work. Since there is no confirmation, anything could be possible. However, Nick might be ready to start a new relationship.

Talking to Holyrood, he said he would love to have a dream dinner date with his family and his girlfriend with a few bottles of wine and a three-course meal. This statement discards him to be homosexual. This statement was about a year back. Probably, he might have broken his relationship since he has not mentioned his relationship status on Instagram.

Nick Eardley enjoying hiking with his possible gilrfriend in Scotland
Source : instagram

However, he has shared pictures of a lady during their hiking. Possibly, she could be his girlfriend.

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Nick Eardley On Wikipedia-His Biography

Nick Eardley's biography is not available on Wikipedia as of 2022. However, other social media has featured him on their sites.

Eardley, the BBC political correspondent, engaged at Edinburgh Napier University for Masters's in Journalism from 2009 to 2010. Likewise, he earned MA (Hons) in History and Politics at The University of Edinburgh between 2005 to 2009.

As reported on his Linkedin account,  the journalist has an interest in Screen Education Edinburgh and the House of Commons. Likewise, he has several years of work experience with many companies. 

Currently, the political correspondent works for BBC after serving as a Broadcast journalist at BBC News (March 2014-Jan 2016). Moreover, he worked as an assistant News Editor and online reporter at The Scotsman.

Additionally, Nick was responsible for producing and managing local news for the Guardian's Edinburgh site ( 3 months). Previously, he eyed the coverage of the  Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edge music festival from April 2010 to August 2010. Furthermore, he has work experience s Deputy editor, acting editor, and web editor.

Nick Eardley's Age- Who Are HIs Parents?

Nick Eardley, around 30-34, was born to English parents in London, United Kingdom.

As per the reports on social media, he spent his childhood in London. His current residence is still London. In an interview, he talked about coeliac disease and his vivid memory of being a toddler. Nick shared how he used to be extremely sick late at night.

Unfortunately, the journalist has not revealed his age on social media. He seems to be in his late 30's. He is active on his Instagram account, with more than 3.6k followers. An Instagram post revealed that he was born on December 12.

Nick Eardley celebrating his birthday on December 12
Source : instagram

His mother and father gave him a warm hug when he slept on their lap. His family used to be poor previously and raised Nick by forgetting their needs. Positive-minded Eardley wants to forget cruel comments and move on. 

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