Sir Steve Redgrave in talks with United States Rowing Association to become the new head of high performance
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Five-time Olympic Games gold medalist Steve Redgrave is unrelated to Gateshead rower Samantha Redgrave.

The University of East Anglia student has been creating a niche for herself after she won gold at the European Championships.

It has been a great year for Britain as the men's team gathered four golds while the woman's team got three. The achievement is just in time as the rowers faced torrid scores at the Tokyo Olympic Games, winning only silver and bronze. 

Fortunately, they came with a bang, with the 27-year-old being the star behind it all. It was only plausible to guess if she shared the same genes as legendary athlete Steve.

Unfortunately, the rumors saying Steve Redgrave and new-age British rower Samantha Redgrave are related are utter bouges.

The athletes share nothing but a common last name and run in the same athletic circles. 

Most viewers made the connection after finding out Steve's daughter, Natalie has decided to step foot in the same profession as her father. The then 19-year-old applied for the Oxford rowing team and got immediate approval. 


As a child, she never seriously looked at the sport as she chose to study medicines at Pembroke College, Oxford. After knowing about her lineage, her seniors pressured her to join their club in the fresher weeks, eventually giving her the captain position.

The team began getting tips from her five-times Olympic gold medallist dad.

Although she was studying to become a medical professional, her six-foot-tall stature aided her pursuits as her dad could not contain his pride. 

Besides, her success was evident as her competitor lost seven of the last ten games. The University Boat Race winner title was their's as she began to play the sport on her terms. 

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Does Steve Redgrave Have A Wife?

British retired rower Steve Redgrave walked down the aisle with her wife Ann Callaway in 1988 and is mother to their three daughters, Natalie, Sophie, and Zac.

The lady has stood independent as she used to compete as a professional rower in the 1980s. After getting promoted from the regional sectors, she went to represent her country, winning a silver medal at the commonwealth games. 

Meanwhile, she operated as a registered doctor at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, specializing in orthopedic surgery.


After retiring from the game, she utilized her medical degree to become a medical officer for GB Rowing.

By the late 1990s, she had used her earnings to establish a physiotherapy center, The Redgrave Clinic.

How Much Is Steve Redgrave Worth 2022? 

The decade-long career of Steve Redgrave has accumulated his net worth in the millions.

Deemed one of Britain's greatest-ever Olympians, he is a five-time gold medalist from 1984 to 2000. 

The 60-year-old began his career in 1980 when he chose sweep rowing as his discipline. His rowing team gained national prestige with their unbeatable status. 

Unfortunately, he got diagnosed with diabetes and ulcerative colitis, which greatly hindered his performance. The constant ritual of training and competing became too much for him as he even claimed to never touch a boat in 1996.

But his words did not hold any meaning as he resumed exercise after a four-month break. It took him four more years to follow through as he retired once and for all in 2000. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is Steve Redgrave doing now?

- Redgrave assumed the High-Level Performance Director role for the Chinese Rowing Association in May 2018.

What illness does Steve Redgrave have?

-Sir Steve Redgrave was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis before the Barcelona Olympics

Is Steve Redgrave related to Vanessa?

-His descendants include the famous acting family of Redgrave, including Vanessa and Corin.