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When new Michael, played by Robert Adamson, came into the General Hospital, fans said that Chad Duell might have left the show. Here's what we know about the ongoing buzzes.

Michael Corinthos is a fictional character on General Hospital, which has been portrayed by Dylan Cash (2002-2008) and Drew Garrett (2009-2010). And since 2010, Chad Duell has taken over the role of Michael. But recently, the character was played by another renowned actor, Robert Adamson, which has surprised viewers.

The episode aired on June 1 has left everyone shocked, and they are asking about the new Michael. As we know, Robert Adamson is taking over the role of Michael, and it is just for some time. He is a renowned American actor who played Noah Newman from 2012 to 18 and returned to Y&R in 2020, though the role was recast with Rory Gibson in late 2021.

Who Is The New Michael Corinthos In General Hospital? 

Michael Corinthos is a fictional character in General Hospital, a famous American soap opera on the ABC network. It has previously been played by some renowned actors, and most notably, it is starred, by Chad Duell.

Robert Adamson came as a temporary cast of Michael in General Hospital.
Robert Adamson came as a temporary cast of Michael in General Hospital.

However, the recent episode was all about the new Michael, which was portrayed by Robert Adamson. According to a report, he will now be subbing in for Duell for some episodes. Apart from that, Adamson has appeared in various movies that have helped him gain massive fame.

We can see his appearance in Dave, The Young and The Restless, All Rise, Deviant Love, and NCIS. Apart from being an actor, Robert is also a talented producer, director, and writer who has some credits under his name.

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Is Chad Duell Leaving General Hospital?

After the recent episode of General Hospital, rumors are circulating on the internet that says Chad Duell is leaving the show as his role was played by Robert Adamson. But there is no truth about it as Adamson just came as a temporary cast. 

Michael is played by Chad Duell in General Hospital.
Michael is played by Chad Duell in General Hospital.

Duell will come back and star in the role of Michael, but the date is unknown. Duell tweeted after the recent episode and said that he has some COVID-related issues and is doing fine. In the same tweet, Duell admitted that he would be back in the show soon.

So, the rumors of Duell leaving the show were just created due to his absence. As mentioned earlier, he will be out from the show for several episodes, and when he comes back, the team will surely update.

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Chad Duell Illness and Health Update

Chad Duell is suffering from some COVID issues, but the recent update given by him says he is doing fine. Not much is known about his health condition, as he has kept himself away from the media. So, we can say that he is healing and will soon come to the show.

Fans and followers wish him a speedy recovery as he said he had some health problems. We can follow him on social media to get more updates regarding his life.