The artist gets chance to travel a lot due to his musical career
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Yes, Tom Zanetti is a traveler partnered with Vibe by Jet2holidays to promote across the Mediterranean. Tom roams worldwide for his works.

Zanetti is a British DJ, singer, music producer, and actor. His smash hits "Darlin" (2015) and "You Want Me" (2016) both received silver and platinum BPI certifications, respectively. The latter is charted in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland.

The DJ has since achieved over 20 million streams and 2.2 million monthly Spotify listeners and recently achieved his first top 20 chartings single as an independent artist with "Didn't Know."

As an actor, Tom is also known for a few of his film performances, like "Road" (2016), and "DeadRinger" (2018). He has also been featured in a few television performances, such as "The SIC Lie with Tom Zanetti" (2014), "First Dates" (2015), "Celebs Go Dating" (2021), and "Made in Chelsea" (2021), to name a few.

The reality television star and artist led a busy life filled with travel and parties.

Is Tom Zanetti A Traveler?

Yes, Tom Zanetti is a traveler and travels to various destinations worldwide for his shows. Tom has a summer-long partnership with Jet2holidays.

Tom has toured various regions of Europe, performing at beach clubs in popular vacation spots.

By touring, one may connect with a larger audience. As a musician, Zanetti also ventures abroad to visit various locations where he performs live for his fans.

Zanetti is fortunate to have had opportunities to visit many towns, cities, states, and nations, learning about the local cultures and tasting some incredible cuisine.

He is available on Instagram under the username @tomzanettitz, where he shares his experiences and updates about his professional life.


Tom's most recent musical journey took him to the Maldives. Siyam World celebrated its first anniversary in October 2022 with a four-day festival involving some prominent figures from the UK music and culinary scenes.

The first night's highlight was the headlining performances by platinum-selling British artists Tom and Yungen.

He wrote a lengthy statement on his verified Instagram account wrote a lengthy statement detailing his experience.

Source : instagram

He stated that the Maldives' scenery and surroundings were so alluring and that he could feel the spirit of paradise while posting a few pictures and videos from there.

Additionally, to express his gratitude, he noted that everything was arranged for them while he spent seven days at the amazing @siyamworld. He is happy to have had such a fantastic vacation there.

Moreover, he also enjoyed a peaceful few days on the small, isolated island of Iru Fushi in the Maldives while there.


Zanetti frequently travels to Spain, among other places. In terms of his most recent event, he hosted Magaluf, Mallorca's most extensive pool party.

Likewise, he also partied in Ibiza during the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.

The "You Want Me" singer performed his songs before takeoff in a video posted on his Instagram page. Before landing on the beautiful island, he and his friend Ryan were enjoying chocolate roses on the plane.

Zanetti during the party at BH Mallorca 2022
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The celebrity performed at Ibiza Rocks, one of the island's most prominent hotels and live entertainment venues.

Tom, a single father, was spotted in May with Ocean Club owner Wayne Lineker in Ibiza spotted in Ibiza in May.

The platinum-selling artist also traveled to other parts of Europe to perform at beach clubs in popular holiday destinations. 

Where is Tom Zanetti From? 

Tom Zanetti is originally from Belle Isle in Leeds, United Kingdom, where he was born.

He did not experience a healthy upbringing like the majority of youngsters. Zanetti, who grew up in Gipton, told the Yorkshire Evening Post that when he was a child, he was surrounded by nothing but affection.

The musician's mother was a single parent who had to care for three children while living in council housing and working whatever job she could find.

According to him, the area where he used to reside was rough since there was a lot of criminal activity.

Zanetti's son Deaconn was born in 2006
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When Zanetti was expelled from school at 16, his life changed. The same year, he became a father to his son Deacon, who is now 14 years old.

It was a push for him to start his music career, selling CDs at Kirkgate Market while also working as a butcher, a roofer, a scaffolder, and in call centers, any job he could find to support his son.

At the young age of 17, he began performing in clubs, which launched his career.

Due to his early life experiences, he eventually promoted his events as "Insomnia" to the market. Tom has recorded several well-received songs as he continues to pursue his love for music and entertainment.

The DJ is a determined entrepreneur. After the positive result of "Insomnia," he established a company called "Sleepin in Cheatin," which hosts and boasts a range of events throughout the UK.  

Showcasing his versatility, the multi-talented Zanetti has established his restaurant, clothing line, record label, and barbershop.