ISTG on TikTok means 'I swear To God' but people have their own creative meanings. Let's explore more about it.

Acronyms in the new age of social media have become a thing. A world that has lost patience has dwelled in short forms and saving split seconds using it in the place of phrases.

The common ones are 'LOL' which stands for laughing out loud, 'IDK' for I don't know, and 'TC' for take care. These are simply used by normally everyone but are you curious about what ISTG stands for? It is difficult to catch up when you are not an adherent social media user. So, here we have it covered for you.

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What Does ISTG Mean In Tiktok?

ISTG on TikTok is a new trend where people are actually making fun of internet slang. Almost every sentence has those and sometimes it makes no sense why are people using those when you can actually type the full phrase. 

One of the most bizarre is using 'k' instead of 'ok'. How much time does one save by missing out an 'o'. So, the sound produced while pronouncing 'ISTG' is also quite funny, and creative people on the Internet are taking full advantage of it. 

One of the TikTok users replies to a comment that asks her the meaning of it with a video. She takes a humorous route and gives confuses the already confused netizen. That video has over 6k likes on the platform.

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ISTG Meaning On Urban Dictionary

On Urban Dictionary and on social media, everywhere the meaning of ISTG is the same. It means 'I Swear To God' and is used at times when people want someone to trust them with what they are saying. 

It is basically an added gesture to show your honesty. Nowadays people are using it very often and it is on the way to becoming one of the top used slang on the Internet. 

However, this time, the discussion over TikTok drew everybody's attention to ISTG.

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How To Use ISTG?

ISTG is very easy to use in any normal conversation that is not formal. 

For example;

Man A: Hey! Why didn't you turn off the fan before leaving?

Man B: ISTG! I did turn it off

Here man B is trying to convince Man A that he turned off the fan by swearing to God.