Jacob Batalon sets the record straight on villain speculation in Spider-Man 4.
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Spiderman's best friend, Jacob Batalon, son of Filipino parents, is profoundly known for his portrayal of Ned Leeds from the Spider-Man MCU trilogy.

After the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans were more open to indulging in the possibles of comic book cameos and a world of possibilities now that the multiverses have opened.

One such proclaimed storyline is about the sidekick when he gets brainwashed into becoming a villain by a Hobgoblin or Roderick Kingsley. He used his mastery of mind cool to take him as his accomplice and commit crimes while under the influence.

Batalon unknowingly sparked rumors when he stupidly hinted at it in 2016 and later mentioned it in an interview. He did not stop after the talks began and continued to fuel the fire of the narrative.

Fortunately, he set the record straight after he appeared in Jimmy Fallon, as he called the fan theories interesting. He apologized for his recess behavior as the diehard nerds took offense to the deception.

As the Tonight Show has a big enough reach, he hoped his remorse would resonate in their hearts and forgive him for his running joke.

Despite the negative publicity, his return to the franchise is certain, especially after his central part in the past movie with the love interest, MJ, played by two-time Emmy Award Winner Zendaya.

Quick Info:

NameJacob Batalon
BornOctober 9, 1996
Age26 years
Height1.65 m
ParentsFilipino parents.
SiblingsSeven half-siblings

Jacob Batalon Parents And Origin - Are They Filipino?

American actor Jacob Batalon is originally from the Philippines and is the son of Filipino parents.

Although they are not forthcoming about their name, they have funded his endeavors since day one. He entered the world on October 9th, 1996, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is a Keiki 0 Ka ‘Ama. His parents used to live in a developing South East Asian country but fled to search for a better and more prosperous life. 

Indeed, his mother, Eva Andres, originally from Pangasinan, saw his talent, and she nurtured it since he was a baby. She realized he knew the muscle for an instrument as she bought his ukulele, guitar, and piano, as he practiced them during family gatherings. 

 It did not take much longer for Jacob to fine-tune his musical skills, and he had plans to seek refuge in the musical industry with hopes of becoming a singer and songwriter. 

Eventually, he got his diploma from Damien Memorial School but had already connected with a talent troupe from Los Angeles. It was actually a matter of time before his dream took flight as he moved to the city of angles to enroll in the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Jacob Batalon wished his mom Happy Birthday in 2018.
Source : twitter

Even when his interests diverged into acting, she accompanied his venture. In an interview with ABS, she recalled how she escorted him at the workshop for three months before he set foot in Hollywood. 

One of the directors encouraged him to attend a school of arts and acting, so she enrolled in New York. She places high on his priority list, as he never forgets to wish her on her birthday.

Despite crossing the state borders and thriving internationally in his role, he never forgot his home and people, as he is loyal to his local roots. His dedication to the youth can not get matched, as he gives back to his district as much as he can. 

In 2017, Kirk Caldwell, Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, declared July 7th as a day dedicated to him in response to his thriving career and unwavering commitment to the people of the islands.

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Does Jacob Batalon Have Siblings?

Spiderman star Jacob Batalon comes from an enormous family with seven step-siblings.

His larger-than-usual bloodlines come after his parent's divorce, as he is the pair's only child. After remarriage, his mom had a son and a daughter, whereas his father had three sons and two daughters. 

The number of people in the household made him seek attention elsewhere, so he partook in acting to be someone he was not. During one of the projects, he meets his future best friend and Hollywood A-lister, Tom Holland.

They crossed paths at nineteen, messing up during line practices and eating junk food during their strict diets. The environment was not the best for a professional setting, but it was fun. 

Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon & Zendaya during the movie promotion.
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As the pair were still up and coming after the first movie, they contemplated becoming room roommates. Their plans did not take long to align as they moved in together. Co-star Zendaya was their crew leader and navigated their stay in Los Angeles. 

The duo are two peas in a pot and have the same sense of humor. It was friendship at first sight, as they had been thick as thieves since the first day of filming. Their chemistry bled into the screen as they pulled off the role with few difficulties. 

Indeed, they have put their bond to the test many times, even when taking the infamous friendship test being strapped to a lie detector.

The questions started with a light-hearted tone with basic queries like birthdays and hometowns. But later things took a more serious turn when they asked if the other would take a bullet for their counterpart, to which they unabashedly said yes. 

Although being best friends was a given, the experiences made them close like brothers, and they shared a hug before going on with their day. 

The rest of the promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home continued as they are one of the few actors who enjoy press runs.

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Jacob Batalon Girlfriend Brooke Reyna

Love is in the air for actor Jacob Batalon as he and his girlfriend, Brooke Reyna, are in the honeymoon phase. 

The couple came out about their relationship in 2021 when he spoke to WIRED about meeting during a night out. They had been appearing on each other's Instagram but had yet to talk publically on the matter.

He was not looking for someone, but she organically fit into his life, and now he can't imagine it anyway else. She is the yin to his yang, as it was as random as a miracle.

His Instagram followers were one of the ones to know as he posted about her back in March after embarking on a series of adventures. Their shared sense of childishness took them to Disneyland, where they had a magical day filled with encountering their childhood idols. 

Indeed, they are not in it just for the cameras, as she had been a good influence in his turbulent lifestyle.

In an interview with 1883 Magazine, he admitted that she encouraged him to be a vegan. The pair ordered food from a Filipino chef from San Francisco who swapped out animal proteins with plants. 

Jacob Batalon is revealing his girlfriend Brooke Reina knew the big Spider-Man secret all along.
Source : justjaredjr

Later, she appeared in his arms during the premiere of No Way Home in London as thousands of cameras as they hoped to capture the moment. She looked sleek in a dark mid-length dress but kept her arms around her lover. 

Besides, she was one of the few people who knew about Toby and Andrew's return to reprise their roles as the respective superheroes as she got on set to support her boyfriend. 

Fortunately, she was not a big fan of the series and did not think much about selling the news to louder mouths.

People thought they would not last long, given the differences in their physical appearance. But they proved others wrong by staying strong as one of the power couples out of the franchise.

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How Much Is Jacob Batalon's Net Worth?

As of 2022, the estimated net worth of actor Jacob Batalon is five million dollars. 

Despite his fame and fortune, he has not been a part of the industry for long, getting his role in spiderman straight out of college. He recalled when he got selected for the part, as he was not confident from the start. 

Indeed, his abilities grew with them as the motivation from the co-actors inspired him to horn his craft. He went on the reprise part in several other franchise films but got meatier roles in Spiderman-centric ones. 

In 2018, he widened his horizons after performing as one of the bodes in the young-adult film Every Day, which received moderate responses in cinemas.

But he finally gets to play the frontrunner after he got cast as the titular Reginald in the 2021 series Reginald the Vampire.

Although he got typecast as the sidekick, he is more than ready to get the leading role, appearing in Cannes to launch the fantasy-horror-dramedy project based on Johnny B. Truant’s cult Fat Vampire books.

He fits right in the character of the guy next door with low self-esteem and no lover, certainly not a hero. But his life shifts on his axis after inadvertently transforming into a vampire.

Ned Leeds, played perfectly by Jacob Batalon.
Source : screengeek

The program would parallel his real life as he got thought of as the side character who finally got his chance to shine. He may not fit the tall, dark, and handsome prototype, but the executive producers are willing to place their bets on the actor. 

It was a give to have worries about the audiences not seeing the past as his persona of Ned Leeds, but it was up to him to change their mindset and appease a different portrayal.

Besides, he has the approval of his girlfriend as they read the entire series before saying yes to the project. 

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Meet Jacob Batalon On Instagram

25-year-old actor Jacob Batalon is available on Instagram with the account handle lifeisaloha, where his verified account supports two million followers. 

Although Jacob lives his life in front of the camera, he keeps his circles small, dishing out personal details to only a select few people. His days had always been exciting and full of adventure as his audience connected to him as a person of color. His natural humor provides the setting for an underdog story, especially after he got his first leading role.

But his journey in the movie industry has been nothing but easy, losing about 45 pounds for his initial roles. 

He showed off his figure in a full-body mirror selfie on Instagram and used his well-trained style to create a seamless look. 

Spider-Man Star Jacob Batalon shows off weight loss.
Source : instagram

The transformation came ahead of filming for the second movie as his co-stars congratulated him on getting fit and healthy. 

Although the weight losses did get addressed in the franchise, it was a personal win as he looked happier in the new attire and looked confident in his skin.

Recently, he has added boxing to his list of hobbies and keeps in shape during off-seasons.

Some FAQs

Who are Jacob Batalon's Parents?

Jacob Batalon was born to his Filipino parents at Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. He was born on October 9, 1996.

Who is Spider-Man best friend?

Ned Leeds is a Marvel Comics character. He is Peter Parker's best friend and is portrayed by Jacob Batalon.

How much is Jacob Batalon's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Jacob Batalon is around $5 million. He has amassed great fortune from his acting career.

How did Jacob Batalon get the NED role?

Batalon studied intensely at the school over the next two years, and shortly before graduation was asked to audition for the role of Ned Leeds in the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot.

Is Ned from Spider-Man Filipino?

Ned Leeds, as played by a Filipino American actor in Jacob Batalon, is Filipino.