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Netflix's Senior Year actress Jade Bender comes from a multi-cultural family. Thanks to her parents' diverse heritage, Jade Bender proudly calls herself an actress of mixed ethnic background.

Jade Bender is an American actress best known for her role as Brie Loves in the 2022 movie, Senior Year. The young actress has been involved in acting for almost a decade but has only appeared in three projects until now. 

She started her career playing a minor character in Major Crimes in 2012. However, after her debut, Jade took a break from acting for the next eight years. She finally made a comeback in 2020 with a role in Night School.

Similarly, in 2022, she is playing the character of Brie Loves in the Netflix movie, Senior Year. Jade portrays Tiffany and Blaine’s daughter who goes on to help Stephanie Conway find out how to become popular among his students. 

What Is Jade Bender Ethnicity?

Senior Year actress Jade Bender actress appears to be of mixed ethnicity.

Born to a white father, Jade resembles the looks of a South American woman, which hints that her mother is not white.

Similarly, the last name Bender has German and English roots; hence, Jade's family could have originated from the said countries. 

Who Are Jade Bender Parents Lon Bender And Peggy Bender?

Jade Bender was born in the family of Lon Bender and Peggy Bender. Her father Lon is an illustrator by profession; whereas, her mother is a homemaker. 

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Meanwhile, Jade is very secretive about her family and hasn't mentioned much about her parents. She has, on occasions, featured her parents on her social media posts. 

Back in February 2021, Bender shared an Instagram post with a photo of her mother's childhood. In the photo, both the daughter and mother looked identical.

Similarly, she has also shared a photo with her father from Coachella 2019. Judging by the post, Jade loves to spend time with her family.

Does Senior Year Actress Have A Boyfriend?

Jade Bender appears to be dating a boyfriend, as per her Instagram

On July 19, 2019, the actress uploaded a beach photo featuring a mystery man. She captioned the post "Bae Watch", which was a clever reference to the famous show, Bay Watch. 

However, this was the only time Jade opened up about her boyfriend and has not provided any further info about her relationship.