Jade Pettyjohn is known for An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars, School of Rocks, and Little Fires Everywhere.
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Jade Pettyjohn parents Jessica Pettyjohn and Shiloh Pettyjohn hail from Los Angeles. Jessica is a sound artist, and Shiloh co-founded Web Studios West.

Young actress Jade is primarily known for her appearance as McKenna Brooks in the 2012 family drama film An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars. She is also notable for playing Sumer on the Nickelodeon series School of Rock.

Jade began her acting journey as an eight-year-old child actress portraying Julie Sands in one episode of The Mentalist in 2008. The following year she landed the role of Belle Ryker in S.H.M.I.L.U. and Anna in Stranger.

Before her television and film career, Jade performed in a local children's sing and dance group from the age of seven. Eventually, she was bit by an acting bug and fell for it profoundly. And now, she has already been in the industry for over a decade.

Jade got full support from her family while she was on the verge of pursuing acting as her career. Jessica and Shiloh always cherished their daughter's career decision and gave her all their love and adoration.

Jade Pettyjohn Parents

Jade Pettyjohn parents were Jessica and Shiloh Pettyjohn on November 8, 2000. The Pettyjohn family is based in Los Angeles, California.

Both Jessica and Shiloh have worked in the sound department in television and films. Additionally, Jessica has also worked as a second assistant director for the 2006 short comedy film Sell Out, directed and written by Alex D'Lerma and David Kitchens.

The pair have known each other for nearly three decades. On April 3, 2020, Jessica marked their 21st marriage anniversary by sharing the sweetest post on Instagram. She also shared they had their first date twenty-four years ago.

Jessica Pettyjohn and Shiloh Pettyjohn celebrating their 21 years of marriage.
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She revealed that they talked all night, which turned into all weekend. Only after a month they shifted into their first apartment together. Jessica said, "He was charming, funny, and a perfect listener. The amount of respect he gave me was beautiful."

Shiloh's previous relationship experiences suggested that charm would fade and the connection would become work. However, Shiloh surprised her, and "it never worked." The charm never faded, and the couple will celebrate their 23 years of marriage in 2023.

Jade shares a loving childhood picture of herself with her family.
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Father Shiloh Pettyjohn

Shiloh is a composer, so Jade has always been surrounded by great music while growing up in LA.

Jade's father is also the Senior Vice President of Sales and co-founder of Web Studios West, a web development company specializing in social networking systems, e-commerce, and custom web development. The company has been in the business since 2000.

Pettyjohn was born to Lori Pettyjohn and Bill Jr. in Lancaster, CA. He comes from a creative family where his relative Phoenicia Pettyjohn is a well-known ballet dancer in San Francisco. He studied at Delphi Academy in LA.

Shiloh and Jade share a close bonding. Moreover, the young actress often shares that both her parents serve as role models for her.

Shiloh shared this adorable picture marking the 20th birthday of his beautiful daughter Jade.
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Artist Mother Jessica Pettyjohn

Jessica calls herself an artist, mother, and wife living in the Los Angeles area. She also has a passion for photography and took great photos of her Jade as a kid. 

Pettyjohn has previously worked in the sound departments of projects such as One Small Hero (1999), Murder-Set-Pieces (2004), Reeker (2005), and Sell Out (2006). Currently, she serves as the Marketing Executive at Static Candy Production.

She has been in the company since October 2014 and handles Marketing strategies and Social Media Development. It is the production company of her daughter, actress Jade. She lives and works based in Los Angeles.

As a photographer, she would make beautiful photographs of her daughter and send them to model agencies. Soon, the talented child amassed her first acting experience in commercials. Jessica is active on Instagram under the username @jessicapettyjohn.

Jade and her mother, Jessica, pictured together. Jessica shared this picture on her Facebook in March 2020.
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