Kayla Itsines revealed her new boyfriend Jae Woodroffe last year and their PDA on the beach has grabbed eyeballs recently.

The Bikini Body Training Company was started by Kayla Itsines in 2014. The brand has built a loyal following of 10 million women who rely on her mix of training and meal recommendations to help them get healthier and fitter.

To highlight the efficiency of her regimen, Itsines and her customers frequently upload their dramatic before and after body images with her 6.3 million Instagram followers. She was named one of the '30 Most Influential People on the Internet by TIME Magazine in 2016.

Her relationship is something that has garnered all the limelight in recent times. Hence, let's look at her boyfriend Jae Woodroffe and his achivements.

Who Is Jae Woodroffe? Kayla Itsines New Boyfriend

Jae Woodroffe was revealed as Kayla Itsines' boyfriend last September by dailymail. However, it was only this January, that the entrepreneur took to her social media to confirm the brewing rumors of her relationship.

Woodroffe is a fitness trainer and it has been reported that he was her personal trainer before they decided to get together. After the confirmation, he is no less of a celebrity himself. With about 18 thousand followers on Instagram, the man is offered brand endorsements and promotional ventures. 

If we go back in time, Kayla took time to actually reveal her boyfriend in the past. In August of 2021, the two were tagged by an Instagram account sparking the rumors of their dating. Just after that, dailymail released Jae as Kayla's mystery boyfriend. 

Till then the two have chosen to stay tight-lipped on the matter. However, It was in November of the same year, Kayla was featured on Jae's social media and vice versa happened only in January 2022. With this, the gossip was killed and the two fitness enthusiasts were finally an official couple.

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29 Years Old Jae Woodroffe Has A Notable Net Worth

Jae was born on the year 1992 which makes him 29 years old in 2022. However, the details of his exact birth and zodiac sign are currently a mystery just like their relationship in the past. 

The celebrity boyfriend worked as a Risk and Safety Manager at Support Services Inc. Further, he was also a writer in the organization's newsletter which gave him a section for his creations. 

Back in 2015, his Instagram showed that he got a six months contract with Jetski job in China. Quite passionate about outdoor activities and adventure, Jae loves performing stunts on his motorbike. In 2018, he shared a picture of himself on a fighter jet.

Considering all this plus his hype on social media shows that the man already has a net worth of over a million dollars. Similarly, his better half is a successful entrepreneur adding up to his wealth.