Jael Wena is an Australian singer from Melbourne who appeared for auditions in the famous singing reality show called “The Voice Australia" ( Source : Instagram )

At a young age, Jael Wena impressed the judges and audience of The Voice with her incredible performance. 

16-years-old Australian singer Jael Wena, who hails from Melbourne, participated in the "The Voice Australia" auditions, a renowned singing reality program.

Jael has already competed in singing contests with her family in "The Voice Generations," thus this is not her first time doing so.

Jael participated in the blind auditions for The Voice Australia in 2022. The judges quickly recognized her voice because they had previously heard her perform on "The Voice Generations" (2021) when The Wena family had advanced to the finals.

The epic ballad "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston was Jael's choice this time, and it is fair to say that she gave a superb performance.

Quick Facts

Full nameJael Wena
Age16 years old
Place of birthMelbourne, Australia


Jael Wena Age: How Old Is She?

Jeal Wena is the age of 16 years as she was born on December 22, 2005. She may have a young age but has massive Talent in singing.

Jael was with her family in “The Voice Generations.”
Jael was with her family in “The Voice Generations.” ( Source : instagram )

Since she was little, the Australian girl has competed in several singing contests. She is currently enrolled in school but putting more of an emphasis on her music.

Jael's father took her to a Fast Track Talent tournament, where she won, besting all other competitors. This sparked a fire and caused her to develop a competitive instinct.

The Wena family participated in blind auditions for The Voice Generations' inaugural season in 2021. Israel and David performed music while Jael, Esther, Shenae, and their mother sang.

They sang Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" so flawlessly throughout their performance that even Keith Urban was compelled to applaud them.

The Wena family was on Guy Sebastian's squad and unfortunately had to return home after passing the auditions due to COVID-19. Despite this, they became finalists.

Jael Wena Parents Are Australian

Jael Wena has had massive support from her parents in her career. She was born to her mother, Bek Wena, and father, David Wena, on December 22, 2005, in Melbourne City, Australia.

People also know her from the “The Voice Generations” (2021) when The Wena family was one of the finalists.
People also know her from the “The Voice Generations” (2021) when The Wena family was one of the finalists. ( Source : instagram )

Her mother, Bek, taught her how to sing. Esther and Shenae, Wena's younger sisters, are both singers, while Israel, her brother, is a drummer.

Jael also had the chance to represent Australia in "Junior Eurovision," finishing third overall but still giving her nation the most nuanced performances. She also performed the National Anthem at the A-League Soccer Championship (2021).

Jael will compete on her own this time after competing with her family in the first season of "The Voice Generations" in January. Jael is one of the twelve contenders to watch this season, which is terrific news for the audience.

Hopefully, this indicates that we should anticipate seeing her advance to the competition's later rounds. Jael reveals that she will perform a Whitney Houston song for a blind audition.

Jael and her family competed on "The Voice Generations" with coach Guy Sebastian, Australia's first representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. They advanced to the Grand Finale, just missing winning the competition.

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Who is Jael Wena Boyfriend?

Jael Wena does not have a boyfriend as she is young and focused on her career.

Jael chose Whitney’s huge’s epic song “How Will I Know,” and it would not be an overstatement to say that she performed fantastically.
Jael chose Whitney’s huge’s epic song “How Will I Know,” and it would not be an overstatement to say that she performed fantastically. ( Source : instagram )

She has not made any posts on her Instagram with her possible partner as of 2022. She has, however, established a fanbase for her singing ability and performances.

The young singer has been involved in various singing shows and events throughout her career, showing her passion and hard work for her singing career.

Jael, 12 years old, placed third for Australia in the Junior Eurovision 2018 competition with her song "Champion," matching Isabella Clarke's third-place performance in 2017.

Following her Junior Eurovision performance, Jael performed the National Anthem at the 2021 A-League Soccer Grand Final and advanced to the semi-finals of 'Australia's Got Talent in 2019.

Additionally, he has been a presenter on the kids' television network ABC ME. He has been actively posting YouTube renditions of songs by many artists, including "Husavik" from the Eurovision movie.

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