Jaiden Brown and Matthew Steffy-Ross were both 17 years old and were killed in a deadly mass shooting on Pittsburgh's North Side. Learn more about shooting below.

Jaiden Brown and Matthew Steffy-Ross were both young boys from the United States of America who had been killed. Their death came after a deadly mass shooting happened on Pittsburgh's North Side.

Initially, their names were unknown, but now the police department has released the name of the dead boys. Hundreds of people, the vast prevalence of minors, had gathered at a short-term rental property when some kind of conflict occurred, and shots were fired at around 12:30 a.m.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert said there was gunfire both inside and outside the rental home. He noted that bullet casings were found at the location, indicating handguns and one rifle was used, and police believe there were multiple shooters.

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Who Are Jaiden Brown & Matthew Steffy-Ross?

As mentioned earlier, Jaiden Brown and Matthew Steffy-Ross are the shooting victims on Pittsburgh's North Side. According to reports, they were both transported from the scene where they were enunciated dead.

The messy scene along Madison Avenue in Pittsburgh's East Allegheny area saw an estimated 200 people dribbling into the streets from an Airbnb where a large party was taking place.

ShotSpotter warned police of at least 90 rounds fired. A witness told the crowds of partygoers spilling out into the street. Security footage from a nearby house captured a group beginning in the road before the moments of multiple rounds were fired, and the crowd dispersed.

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Pittsburgh Airbnb Shooting: Jaiden Brown & Matthew Steffy-Ross Family and Age

After some research, we learned that Pittsburg Airbnb shooting victims, Jaiden Brown and Matthew Steffy-Ross, were 17 years at the time of their death. All of their family members are devasted by the tragic death of their children.

People on the internet have also shared their messages and have paid tribute to the dead soul. The two gunshots victims died at the hospital. Apart from that, 8 people were also being treated for gunshot wounds, and others were wounded trying to escape.

Reportedly, one victim was injured after a car was shot up. Furthermore, ShotSpotter revealed more than 90 rounds were fired. Till now, police have not made any arrests, but they are doing more investigation.

Talking about other victims, seven people were treated at Allegheny General Hospital and one at Jefferson Hospital for gunshot wounds or other wounds. In addition, officials declined to release additional information.