Fans are eager to learn more about Jason Wade, who has captured the attention of the nation as a result of his appearance on MasterChef New Zealand. Let's delve even further into the article and investigate the specifics together.

Jason Wade, who hails from Hampshire, was named as one of the final nine contestants by Warner Bros Discovery to compete for the coveted title of MasterChef New Zealand 2022 in breathtaking Queenstown. 

They will be evaluated by Nadia Lim, the previous winner of the competition as well as an entrepreneur, Vaughan Mabee, a world-renowned three Cuisine hatted New Zealand chef, and Michael P. Dearth, a restaurant owner who has won multiple awards for his establishments, respectively.

Who Is Jason Wade? MasterChef NZ Contestant

The "Fresh Fusion", Jason Wade comes to the competition from Hamilton, where he serves as a general manager.

Jason's love for food hasn't always been an easy ride, but ever since he lost 50 kilograms after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, he has developed a healthier relationship with food and loves how it brings people together. He is one among nine contestants in the show.

He also loves how food can be used as a tool for community building. He would often stay home from school to cook for his friends, and he has a very expressive face in the kitchen; you can tell everything from the expression on his face, whether it was positive or negative.

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How Old Is Jason Wade? His Age

Jason Wade is a Theatre Manager who was born in Hamilton and is currently 43 years old.

After a prolonged period of inactivity at work due to COVID, theatre manager Jason Wade made the decision to submit an application to participate in MasterChef.

He says that he thought that, at the very least, he might get a few days in Queenstown, and he adds that he is an excellent macaroni and cheese maker.
He has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery, and he credits the procedure with helping him lose fifty kilograms.

He now says that his ideal job would be traveling the world to promote the cuisine of New Zealand. Perhaps he'd run food tours to Aotearoa's best restaurants or be an overseas ambassador showcasing what they have to offer, maybe he'd do both.

Is Jason Wade Married? His Wife

There is no information available regarding the specifics of Jason Wade's wedding and his wife. Up to this point, he has not disclosed any information regarding his private life.

The venison that Jason Wade prepared with beetroot gel and mushroom "dirt" was what earned him his apron in the show.

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