Ana de Armas got declared a Bond woman alongside Daniel Craig as the famed secret agent.
Ana de Armas got declared a Bond woman alongside Daniel Craig as the famed secret agent.( Source : harpersbazaar )

Cuban-Spanish star Ana de Armas has a photographer brother named Javier Caso. She is trending after getting cast in the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde.

The project succeeded from her uninhibited dedication to the part as she seemingly convinced Netflix that she could be a blonde-headed goddess.

Indeed, director Andrew Dominik needed no convincing as the resemblance was uncanny, and she had proved her worth on the big screen. Her former embodiment of the innocent nurse in Knives Out solidified his judgments as she was nobody when they cast her in 2019.

An accent coach got brought in as the constant struggle of symbolizing another human began eating her up. The original actress had a life full of heartbreak and turmoil, and to relive their trauma was asking a lot. Her mind became sure that the predecessor began haunting her in between takes as she even asked for her blessing to convey her motions.

The blood, sweat, and tears put into the film bore fruit when they received a 14-minute standing ovation during the Venice International Film Festival premiere.

Although there were moments when watching their child descends on theaters became an unimaginable thought, they persisted as the audience could not wait to see her performance.

Quick Info:

NameAna Celia de Armas Caso
Age34 years
Born30 April 1988
BrotherJavier Caso
MotherAna Caso
FatherRamón de Armas

Ana de Armas Brother Javier Caso - What Is Their Age Difference?

Javier Caso is a New York-based photographer but gets better known as the older brother of Hollywood actress Ana de Armas. They seem to have a few years of age difference.

Cuban photographer Javier Caso ends his hunger strike after 72 hours
Cuban photographer Javier Caso ends his hunger strike after 72 hours ( Source : diariodecuba )

They were thick as thieves back in Havana, Cuba, as they spent their early years in the small city of the Santa Cruz del Norte. They were far from well-off as their conditions demanded food rationing while the fuel shortages and electricity blackouts denied them a luxury of a happy childhood.

But there was nothing to envy as others had it far worse and still rejoiced in the comfort of a sibling. 

Indeed, she has come a long way, overstepping the lines of poverty and gracing the cover of fashion magazines with the latest trends. 

Earlier, her wardrobe consisted of Caso's hand-me-downs as she used to cut his old school trousers and make shorts. The economic burden pressured them to recycle clothes.

Besides, the oppressive government and the restrictive environment had an immense impact on their conclusions to flee elsewhere, and they have been happy ever since. But they still held citizenship and had to answer whenever they did anything out of line. 

Did Javier Caso Get Detained By Cuban State Security?

Back in 2020, Javier Caso got in touch with the Cuban State Security's office of immigration when the officers summoned him for questioning. They were interrogating his connections to the position against Decree 349. 

Aside from being vague about the initial interest behind his calling, they began getting rude, telling him not to make their jobs harder. He fought back by directly asking them if they wanted to know about his relationship with Independent filmmaker Miguel Coyula and actress Lynn Cruz. 

The pair has irked the government after a controversial documentary Nadie about the late poet and dissident Rafael Alcides, inciting a revolution among the people. 

Along with being artists in the same industry and working together, they had been long-time friends and did not like the insinuations that they were working against Cuba. 

As someone who traveled back and forth between the nations, they suspected him of providing the criminal with financial aid. They also warned him that the meetings with the pair could put him in harm's way as he could even get detained at the airport. He did not take well to the lines of argument as he pointed out his buddies did nothing wrong and only brought the facts. 

Having enough, he stated that even though he lived in the USA and his earnings were in dollars, he was still a Cuban and demanded to be treated.

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Who Are Javier Caso Parents?

Cuban artist Javier Caso barely escaped destitution under the guidance of his parents Ramón de Armas and his wife, Ana Caso. 

The husband and wife were well-payed workers, with his father trying to make ends meet by working multiple jobs as a bank manager, teacher, school principal, and town's deputy mayor.

Meanwhile, his mother operated under the government in the Ministry of Education in the human resources division.

The early days were detrimental as his actress sister said they had little to no internet access and had no recollection of the world existing outside of the state borders. 

Although the clan did not own a video or DVD player, the kids got allowed at least 20 minutes of cartoons on Saturday as movies were rare and few. 

The neighbors were lenient with their aids and gave the children access to Hollywood movies. It was a matter of the time before she began memorializing the lines and practicing them in front of mirrors after returning home. 

Ana De Armas with her Cuban mom Ana Caso.
Ana De Armas with her Cuban mom Ana Caso. ( Source : cnn59 )

By 12, his sibling had recognized her burning passion for pursuing acting as she auditioned for Havana's National Theatre of Cuba just two years later.

Her early instruction in the performing arts made her well ahead of her peer, as she has already starred in three movies.

But she never completed her final thesis as the government required students to go through three years of mandatory service. Wanting no part of wasting three valuable years of her life, she hitchhiked to Madrid on the shoulder of her grandparent's citizenship cards. 

After years of struggling in the industry, she defined headlines as a most awaited autobiography, Blonde as their mum could not contain her excitement watching the final cut.

In an interview with Variety, she talked about how her Cuban mom understood the essence of storytelling without having to understand the language. She got to see the film so early as there were a few final edits to get done, including adding subtitles. 

But she followed with ease as the emotions reflected her daughter's face. 

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What Is Javier Caso Job?

New York-based Javier Caso has an artistic job as he is a photographer

The visual artist from Brooklyn has held exhibitions since 2015, with his first one being in Studio 8 Gallery in Havana, Cuba.

His website said he also got hosted by galleries around the globe, traveling from Colorado to France and even the Rhode Islands to extend his audiences. 

In 2019, he expanded his horizons by authoring a book called Portrait of Humanity, which also enabled him to win the British Journal of Photography awards in the same year.

An inside look into the Shifting Stream exhibition in Bronx, NY by Javier Caso.
An inside look into the Shifting Stream exhibition in Bronx, NY by Javier Caso. ( Source : instagram )

But one side of him is not as well known as he is an advocate for his fellow creative beings and does everything in his power to make sure their rights do not get violated.

As someone with an incredible reach into the artistic stratosphere, he made sure to get his point across by any means possible. 

In May 2021, he resolved to stop taking his meals in solidarity with Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, the leader of the San Isidro Movement. The campaign began gaining attention in 2018 after a group of Cuban artists, journalists, and academics protested against the censorship of artistic expression in the nation.

The demonstrations are usually peaceful but have resulted in a few arrests and retaliatory actions.

His rage broke through the roof after his counterpart got held in a hospital after he became a victim of cruelty. He wanted the culprit punished as there was more than enough evidence to support his claims. 

But he could not continue the stance for more than seventy-two hours as the movement threatened his life, and the government could not care less. Fellow writer Enrique del Risco visited his residence and testified his integrity and honesty, calling his act crazy yet admirable. 

Moreover, few people are willing to get to any lengths to implicate their views, and the rest can only marvel and respect their bravery. 

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Meet Javier Caso On His Instagram

Cuba-born Javier Caso is not a very public person, but he has an Instagram account with the handle, javier_caso, where he has three thousand followers. 

For artists, Instagram became a great outlet to express their colors and give a sneak peek at what lies behind their skill set. His entire life journey can be written by looking at his picture as he keeps everything he sees tucked inside his memory through the medium of photographs.  

As he is not available on other social media platforms, the fans can even get first-hand notice of his spontaneous exhibitions and drop by if they are near. 

Besides, he is too keen about leaving a digital footprint as his sister's fame constitutes the entire household. The lady has struggled to come to terms with her idea of being famous as her previous relationships got her name printed on the first page of the newspaper for all the wrong reasons. 

Ben is said to be upset about his split from actress Ana de Armas.
Ben is said to be upset about his split from actress Ana de Armas. ( Source : thesun )

She and her Deep Water co-star Ben Affleck began seeing each other after falling in love with the sets, and their affair went on for about a year. 

The dangerous attention towards her name correlated to the coupling being tough to manage as they got hounded by paparazzi at every corner. Even walking her dog became a mammoth of feet when there were fifty cameras on your face and pointed everything working with your appearance. 

As someone who wanted to get known for her work, the relationship was a hard pill to digest as it was disrespectful towards her art when she felt upset and unsafe. 

The constant hounding did come in handy in the long run as she got to feel a fraction of what Marilyn Monroe went through during her prime. 

But she is still skeptical about the naked scenes as they may take away from the core of the tragedy of the starlet. 

Some FAQs

Is Ana de Armas in a relationship?

After the pair's high-profile romance and split, it appears de Armas is keeping her relationships more private. The actress has been linked to Tinder executive Paul Boukadakis since June 2021, but the couple have kept many details about their relationship under wraps.

Where are Ana de Armas parents from?

Her maternal grandparents were migrants to Cuba from Spain. Her father Ramón worked in various jobs, including bank manager, teacher, school principal and deputy mayor of a town.

Who is Ana Armas husband?

Marc Clotet was Ana de Armas's husband between 2011–2013. Marc Clotet Fresquet is a Spanish actor and model. He is best known for his roles in the soap opera El cor de la ciutat and the teen drama Física o Química

Does Ana de Armas has a sibling?

Ana de Armas has a brother named Javier Caso. He is a photographer.