Jenni Konner and Richard Shepard celebrating their anniversary in October 2021
Jenni Konner and Richard Shepard celebrating their anniversary in October 2021( Source : instagram )

Jenni Konner, television writer, she does not need to look further than her husband, Richard Shepard, to get a loving look.

The 51-year-old from New York has had her hands full with the Netflix original Welcome to Chippendales arriving on November 22. 

Indeed, the peculiar story takes inspiration from real-life events, following the lives of a group of male strippers from Chippendales and stars Kumail Nanjiani as Chippendales founder Steve Banerjee.

He is the main man as the sprawling true-crime saga tells of an unlikely founder of the greatest empire as he would stop at nothing to become the best. 

The actor known for The Big Sick also operates as its executive producer with Dylan Sellers and Jenni Konner. 

Besides, there are high hopes for the series with Robert Siegel, the man behind The Wrestler, and Pam & Tommy, writing the script for the first few episodes.

Jenni Konner Is Obviously Very Fond Of Her Husband Richard Shepard

Jenni Konner's first met her husband, Richard Shepard, a director, on the set of Girls. 

Things were not always smooth sailing on set because of his ongoing romances with Konner, butting heads with the other showrunner Lena Dunham, her ex-partner. 

Regardless, they did not let their unprofessionalism show, setting down to talk about the wobbling script of the second season.

Indeed, her husband has always been a ray of support, as she can count on him when her work gets all-consuming. Only a few can have a passionate job while caring for their kids. He surrenders to her untruly working schedule and soothes her worries when she feels that she does not spare enough time with her loved ones. 

Over the years, she has been fortunate enough to strike a healthy balance and talked of her daughter's hilarious personality and the kind nature of her son. 

Richard Shepard and Jenni Konner with Kumail on the sets of Chippendales
Richard Shepard and Jenni Konner with Kumail on the sets of Chippendales ( Source : instagram )

Was Jenni Konner Pubically Involved With Someone Else?

It may come as a surprise to many, but Richard is not the only public affair of producer-writer Jenni Konner. 

Back in 2018, she made headlines after splitting up with her longtime partner Lena Dunham. 

According to people, the pair had been together for a while, as they worked for the hit HBO series Girls and teamed up for the comedy series Camping. But their internal conflicts become so humongous that Dunham had to leave the project midway, getting admitted to rehab for a benzodiazepines addiction.

The negative press regarding her performance was becoming too much to handle, and she decided it was best to regroup after finding her inner voice. 

Eventually, the ladies released a joint statement that stated their mutual conclusion was to never work again despite being engrained in one of the most significant relationships of their life. 

Besides, the ex-lovers have found peace since Dunham married musician Luis Felber in September.

Jenni Konner is Married to a Fellow Writer and Director

Jenni Konner and her husband Shepard are pretty similar people as he grew up in New York’s Upper West Side. He dreamt of working in the performing arts and getting his formal education at NYU in the 1980s.

He was a staple of the 90s, as he directed his feature debut, The Linguini Incident, at age 25. Then came several feature films, crediting him as their director, including The Matador and Dom Hemingway.

Although his early work rang close to the television, he wanted to begin a passion project, as he found his creativity bursting after coming across Girls. There was the pressure to make his girlfriend Jenni proud, as he did not want to be named the person who directed the lame episode.

Jenni Konner's husband Richard with their family dog
Jenni Konner's husband Richard with their family dog ( Source : instagram )

After pacing and eating a lot of donuts, he put together the fourth episode of the series, Hannah's Diary, and cemented himself as an undeniable asset to the crew. 

But it was not always rainbows and butterflies as he experienced a period of drought after his first project. He did what he could to keep the bills paid with a few not so well received indies.

Fortunately, it came together in the end, with him becoming one of the top names in the industry. 

Jenni Konner Is Not Shy To Faunt her Love For Husband On Instagram

If one wishes to find the depth of Jenni Konner's love for her husband, Richard Shepard, they do not need to look further than her Instagram. 

There is no doubt that the couple prefers their privacy, keeping the details of their unconventional pairing behind closed doors. But with time, some of that affection has come bursting out of locked doors as they become thankful for what they have.

Jenni Konner wishing Richard Shepard for his birthday in 2020
Jenni Konner wishing Richard Shepard for his birthday in 2020 ( Source : instagram )

In March 2020, she penned a sweet birthday post for her spouse as they posed in front of a cliff under the baby blue sky. She admitted that there were no other humans she would spend an unfathomable time with except her man and showed gratitude for having him beside her during the pandemic. 

Indeed, she never misses wishing him an anniversary, showing hints and clues of them hanging out during parties and celebrations. 

Jenni and Richard Shared Their Living Sanctuary To Her Fans

Jenni Konner, her husband, Richard Shepard, and two kids live in a Hollywood home. The renter was located on a prime site in the Hollywood Hills and had Michelle Frier as their landscape artist. 

The home dates back to 1963, as minor changes got made before the couple ranted it. They were skeptical if they wanted to purchase it and make it a forever home as they were too many renovations to get done. 

But their architect Barbara made a large-scale improvement to transform it into their dream home.

Although the exterior remains unchanged structurally, the interior transformed it into an entirely different home as it has just enough drama and style appropriate for a Hollywood Hills residence.