Jeopardy! Star Matt Amodio ends streak with $1,518,601, the show's third highest prize money winnings for regular-season play ( Source : Twitter )

31-year-old American game show contestant Matt Amodio does not have a wife, nor has he ever reported on his romantic affairs. 

Indeed, few Jeopardy audiences do not recognize the legacy of former contestant Amodio as he reunited for Season 39, the upcoming Tournament of Champions. 

The show ensures attendance from famous members like Amy Schneider, Mattea Roach, and Ryan Long as they join the initial lineup with two yet-to-be-identified Second Chance Tournament winners. On Monday, the viewers will get to directly connect with its semi-final round as the winners will get promoted to the long-awaited finale.

About a month ago, the showrunner introduced a change in format in the third episode of Inside Jeopardy! Podcast, with executive producer Michael Davies, unveiled the list of contestants. But the catch was that the top three payers would already meet the others at the final round, as it was unfair to rest as they were years ahead of their competitors. 

Although there were questions about the sudden change, he confirmed it to be fair to the new and the old as host Ken Jennings had to keep track of the everchanging rules. 

Quick Info:

NameMatthew Benjamin Amodio
Born December 4, 1990
Age31 years
EducationOhio State University (BS, MS) University of Wisconsin–Madison (MS) Yale University (PhD)
Net Worth1.5 million

Jeopardy: Who Is Matt Amodio's Wife -Is He Married?

Jeopardy constant Matt Amodio doesn't have a wife yet, as he has never gotten married. Also, he is not keen on opening up about his lovers. 

Although he has been one of the top earners of the show, he first began showing off his academic skills by participating in Academic Challenge on WEWS.

When he was still a student at Medina High School in 2009, he and his two teammates came in second place. They correctly answered a baseball question on regional TV. But the experience ignited a new flame inside his mind. 

Matt Amodio, a Ph.D student from New Haven, Conn., has become the third person in Jeopardy! history to earn more than $1 million in non-tournament play.
Matt Amodio, a Ph.D student from New Haven, Conn., has become the third person in Jeopardy! history to earn more than $1 million in non-tournament play. ( Source : deadline )

Indeed, he set his sights on Jeopardy! as he passed the test set by the productions with flying colors. Still, it wouldn't have been actually possible without the encouragement of his father, who was adamant about his talents. 

The show not only aided him in heaving his pockets but also taught him to hold back his anger and the importance of self-discipline. His first time at the series was brutal as they had to go through all sorts of legal proceedings with a stack of legal papers waiting to get signed. The text entitled him not to give out spoilers, and then he proceeded to film time in front of a camera. Time flew by as he correctly answered the questions but did not feel the same after rewatching the tape on TV. 

Despite being a well-known face, he does not care about the spotlight as he notices the tics and odd mannerisms. The introverted man believed he would not be interested in the show, but his winning streak said otherwise. 

Besides, he is one of the few with an unbelievable record under his name as he has won the show 38 consecutive times, being the third-highest earner of all time. 

Averaging $39,963 per victory, he is more than qualified to get called to the next Tournament of Champions. Fans can only assume he would continue his strategy of consistently prefacing his responses as the innovative way of answering saved him valuable time on the clock.

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Matt Amodio Family Background And Siblings- How Old Is He?

31-year-old Matthew Benjamin Amodio was born to his parents on December 4, 1990, as the son of James and Bonnie Amodio.

Despite his epic success in reality TV, he remains somewhat anonymous about his upbringing and siblings. But his parents have always been regular viewers, staying late at night to catch the new winner. During one of those shows, he began to say the answers before the contestant as his father pestered him to test his skills. Gambling on his unlimed brain capacity, he made him promise to take the online examination for his sake as the rest was history. 

Indeed, they still get elated wherever he goes for a taping as they rush home to watch every episode. He recalled a hilarious incident when they left him behind so they could run home to watch him at the telly. 

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But his incredible depth of knowledge is nothing new as he always loved reading, no matter the content. He spent the most night reading up Wikipedias, as he used to jump from the link to the link that cascaded into the early morning hours. A thousand topics were not enough to quench his thirst as he returned to the same route the next day. 

A historian at heart, with a spot for American history, he does not like to know about the most recent trend like TikTok and celebrity marriage as it would ofter make him cringe. 

His wide range of interests did not hamper his academics as he graduated valedictorian from Medina High School and attended Ohio State University with a degree in the Department of Mathematics. He also has a master's in statistics while getting interested in AI from the former University of Wisconsin - Madison. It was no surprise when he continued his education and received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University.

How Much Matt Amodio Net Worth 2022?

The estimated net worth of Matt Amodio is well over 1 million dollars as of 2022, his 38 appearances in the game Jeopardy have rewarded him 1.5 million dollars in cash. 

Matt Amodio on his last run on Jeopardy in 2021.
Matt Amodio on his last run on Jeopardy in 2021. ( Source : twitter )

But his legacy came crashing down in 2021 after he lost his 39th game when he said he was hanging up his buzzer.

Besides, he is by no means in short of money as he went to work for a Nationals Security Agency contractor, designing an algorithm for machine learning applications while interpreting graph models for social media data. 

According hs his LinkedIn, he began his professional career as an actuarial intern at Safeware Insurance, where he mined data and analyzed trends better. His job also entitled manually and automatically cleaning and assembling data as he teamed up with colleagues and worked on several projects. 

Next, he joined hands with IBM as a consultant in advanced analyses and optimization as he wrote custom codes for entering, manipulating, and combining data. During his one year at Booz Allen Hamilton, he got involved with maths and statistics, writing programs for all parts of the data analysis pipeline while doing customized back-end code of Python libraries. 

Currently, Matt does research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Yale University on networking, natural language processing, and geospatial routing while dabbing in baseball data in his free time.


What is Mat Amodio doing now?

  • Amodio is currently working on a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence as well as deep learning at Yale University; however, he went home to Medina to watch his Jeopardy run with his family.

Did Matt Amodio lose on purpose?

  • No, Matt Amodio didn't lose his final Jeopardy! on purpose.

How much did Matt Amodio make on Jeopardy?

  • Amodio's historic run on Jeopardy! Left the Yale doctoral student with 38 wins and more than $1.5 million in prize money.

What does Matt Amodio do for a living?

  • Matt Amodio never thought he'd end up on Jeopardy! At first glance, the Medina native, now a 31-year-old Yale University research assistant working on a PhD.