Ryan Long set a record this past spring after becoming the most winning contestant in history in Philadelphia. After winning Jeopardy a lot of times, his net worth has also spiked, and he is also a hometown hero now.

Ryan was honored at City Hall with an official ceremony as he prepares for the game show's Tournament of Champions.

In recognition of Long's contributions, Mayor Jim Kenney presented him with the Liberty Bell's ceremonial model. Fans are relieved he's recovered from his scary 2020 hospital stay, but they're worried about his Tournament of Champions performance.

Jeopardy! returns to television for Season 39. So as we welcome the iconic game show back to our televisions, we can't help but look forward to the upcoming Tournament of Champions, which will include plenty of fan favorites.

Some Quick Facts About Ryan Long

Name Ryan Long
ChildrenNathan Long

Jeopardy's Ryan Long Net Worth: Salary And Career Earnings

Ryan Long earned around $300,000 from the show Jeopardy. His net worth is also estimated to be around that figure.

In June, Ryan Long, a former rideshare driver, won nearly $300,000 during his 16-day stint on Jeopardy! He was recognized at City Hall in a formal ceremony as he prepared for the game show's Tournament of Champions.

Ryan Long won around $300k from Jeopardy.
Ryan Long won around $300k from Jeopardy. ( Source : tvline )

He applied to compete in the legendary game of Jeopardy! During COVID in September 2020, a month later was approached for an audition via Zoom. When his streak ended, he was ranked tenth on the Jeopardy leaderboard. He received a total of $299,400.

Long admits that having the money in the bank makes his life more straightforward. His first instinct is to stay in his hole and watch the world pass him. He stated that the money allowed him to buy the ultimate game show top prize: a new truck.

Ryan Long Early Life And Family Background

At an early age, Ryan saw his parents split, while most of Jeopardy! Contestants have college degrees, but Long originates from humbler beginnings.

He finished high school at George Washington and attended community college for a year. Despite his lack of a college degree, Long has stated that he is an avid reader and can recall a large amount of information.

Ryan Received A Lot Of Fame From The Show Jeopardy
Ryan Received A Lot Of Fame From The Show Jeopardy ( Source : phillyvoice )

While his parents divorced when he was 13, Long credits his father with infusing a passion for learning and trivia in him, and the two would frequently read the newspaper together.

Long's father passed away when he was 17, and he relocated to his mother's house in Philadelphia, where he enrolled in George Washington High School.

Ryan mostly struggled in his early life. He had decent earnings before he came to Jeopardy and became an overnight sensation.

Ryan Long Wife -Is He Married?

Ryan Long has a wife and is a proud father of an eight-year-old son, but his wife's name has not been made public yet.

Ryan Was Seriously Sick After He Contracted Covid
Ryan Was Seriously Sick After He Contracted Covid ( Source : jeopardy )

On the Jeopardy show, Ryan once mentioned that he works as a ride-share driver to support his son. Ryan has never mentioned the details of his wife to the public yet; however, Long often speaks about his son.

More Interesting Facts About Ryan Long

He Survived COVID 19

Long was hospitalized for three weeks after contracting COVID-19. He stated that his doctors questioned if he would live. 

He did, however, survive and is now in good health.

Ryan Is Also Parents To Baby Kittens

Long said in a recent episode that he previously fostered "four baby cats" and bottle-fed them before his mother adopted them.

Ryan Has Started To Feel Comfortable About His Body

Ryan Long took a selfie and shared it on Twitter. In the sunshine, he prepared for his time on the show. 

Ryan shared a selfie of himself shirtless and wearing sunglasses. This time, he had a little gray stubble.

Ryan wrote, "It took some getting used to, but I eventually took my shirt off at a beach."

Jeopardy Champ Ryan Long Denies He Threw Final Game

Ryan Long's outstanding 16-game Jeopardy! Performance! His winning streak ended on Monday, June 6, when he was beaten by meteorologist Eric Ahasic, although some viewers believe he threw the game on purpose.

Long, on the other hand, has refuted these reports, claiming that while he was "ready to go," he "did not lie down." In an interview with USA Today, he clarified that he did not purposely abandon the game.