Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Premiered On November 23
Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Premiered On November 23( Source : digitalspy )

Jericho In Netflix's Wednesday is not an actual place but the movie was shot at various places that look exactly like it.

Wednesday is an American supernatural horror comedy television series centered on the Addams Family character Wednesday Addams.

It was written and directed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and stars Jenna Ortega as the main character, with Isaac Ordonez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, and Gwendoline Christie in supporting roles.

Tim Burton, who also acts as executive producer, directs four of the eight episodes. The series aired on Netflix on November 23, 2022, and recounts the narrative of the Addams family's daughter, the eponymous Wednesday.

She is sent to Nevermore Academy in the town of Jericho after punishing her brother's bullies in the series' first episodes.

Is Jericho In Netflix's Wednesday A Real Place?

Jericho in Netflix's Wednesday is not a real place but is a Biblical name, yet the series was shot in a variety of locations.

So, predictably, there are multiple places called Jericho in the real world; however, none of them match the town represented in the show, making "Wednesday" Jericho a fictional town.

Fred Armisen During The Shooting Of Wednesday
Fred Armisen During The Shooting Of Wednesday ( Source : instagram )

Almost the whole plot of the series takes place in Jericho or at Nevermore, both within walking distance of the town.

Because there is no genuine Jericho, the series was shot in several locations throughout Romania. One of the main cities of Jericho is in Palestine, it is an important cultural, political and historical center.

Wednesday Was Filmed At Several Locations

The series Wednesday mainly revolves in the town of Jericho but there are several locations where it was filmed.

Bucharest and Transylvania are included among the locations. They planned to shoot in Canada, but the real mark of a Tim Burton project is the production design and sets. As a result, they sought to find a location that could accommodate that.

Image Of Jenna Ortega Who Portrays the character of Wednesday Adams
Image Of Jenna Ortega Who Portrays the character of Wednesday Adams ( Source : instagram )

And Romania provided them with what they needed in terms of vast studio space to construct these sets.

When asked if she had any fascinating stories from the set, one of the characters revealed that the cast and crew of Wednesday were filming when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a war on Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

She explained that they were only 7 miles away from an almost-exploded nuclear power plant.

Nevermore Academy Plays Important Role In The Series Wednesday

Nevermore is a safe place for young outcasts, a spot where they may acquire a good education without having to continuously hide who they are. In real life, the name "Nevermore" is derived from one of Poe's most renowned poems, "The Raven."

However, as you may know, Wednesday, was filmed in Romania, and Cantacuzino Castle served as the setting for Nevermore Academy. The Romanian castle, which was built in 1911, is located in Buşteni, Romania, less than two hours from Bucharest.

Cantacuzino is also accessible to the public seven days a week, making it easy to view where Wednesday was recorded. Entrance to the castle and the sculpture exhibition on the castle grounds cost $7.

Though the bizarre school for outcasts and monsters appears to be a true academy, it is not. It was created by the creators of "Wednesday," but it still seems very interesting in the show.