Jesse Irving is a professional actor best known for starring in
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Jesse Irving, age 27,  is a well-known professional actor for starring in Project Blue Book, The Terror, and Identity Theft of a Cheerleader.

He is making significant rounds in the public domain as the release date of the upcoming movie "Our Italian Christmas Memories" is coming near. Netizens are eager to learn more about the actor.

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1. Jesse Irving Turned The Age Of 27 This June

The professional actor Jesse Irving celebrated his 27th birthday in June. He was born on 11 June 1995.

The precise information surrounding his age and birth details came into view from his IMDb profile. The 27-year-old actor maintains a decent height for his age.

2. Jesse Irving Has A Handsome Net Worth

The well-celebrated actor Jesse Irving holds a net worth of $100k, considering his experience and expertise.

He has worked on various coveted Hallmark movies, including Garage Sale Mysteries in 2018, A  Homecoming for the Holidays in 2019, and more.

Irving has starred in various television series, films, and short movies thus far. Some of the roles in his credits include:

  • Reenactor in the TV series documentary "Hitler's Last Stand."
  • Amon in the 2021 television series "Kung Fu."
  • Reenactor in the TV series documentary "Hell Below."
  • Elder Bennion in the short film "Killer Missionaries" in 2020.
  • Ryan in the 2019 Hallmark movie "A Homecoming for the Holidays."
  • Liam Fleming in the movie "Identify Theft of a Cheerleader" in 2019, and so forth.

Jessi Irving played Ryan's role in the 2019 movie
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The actor's salary and net value in his initial career days were less than what he procures now. With experience and outstanding performances, Irving has accumulated a decent figure presently.

3. He Has 18 Credits As An Actor Under His Name

Jesse Irving possesses 18 Credits under his name as an actor on his IMDb profile.

His credits include Reenactor/ Renactor's role in the TV series documentary "Hitler's Last Stand," Amon's role in the TV series "Kung Fu," and Ryan's role in the movie "A Homecoming for the Holidays."

Jesse Irving with the cast of
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Among his credits, Irving is best known for starring in the television series Project Blue Book in Tom Wilson's role, The Terror in Private Matthis's role, and Identify Theft of a Cheerleader in Liam Fleming's role.

4. He Is Soon To Appear In RJ's Role In "Our Italian Christmas Memories"

Jesse Irving is soon to appear in the upcoming movie "Our Italian Christmas Memories," playing the role of RJ.

The upcoming movie follows the story of the Colucci siblings; Anna, RJ, and Ella. Actress Sarah Power plays Anna's role, actress Morgana plays Ella's role, and Irving plays RJ's role in the television movie.

Netizens are looking forward to seeing the movie as the release date of the 2022 TV movie is just around the corner. It is set to drop on November 12, 2022. The entire cast of the movie is making rounds on the web.

5. Irving Made His Acting Debut In Garrett's Role In "Second Chance"

The professional actor Jesse kicked off his acting career in the 2016 television series "Second Chance."

He portrayed the role of Garrett in the series. Initially, his role's work was just for a single day, that too for a single episode. However, it became a recurring role for four long episodes Irving unveiled in an interview.

Irving added sarcastically that either he was doing something right by accident or the entire production team happened to make a mistake and continue to keep the character in the series.

The actor got to experience a lot of new things through that role. He met various great individuals, experienced wearing eyeliner, shooting guns, kissing a girl, and more. 

6. The Actor's First Hallmark Movie Was "Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder In D Minor"

Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder In D Minor marks Jesse Irving's first Hallmark movie.

Irving played the role of Rick Nason in the Hallmark movie in 2018. The entire Hallmark family and cast of the movie welcomed with an open heart and arms Irving said in an interview.

Irving watched a lot of Hallmark movies so he also wanted to try. He became the first to getting booked for Hallmark movie among his friends. 

7. Irving Holds Canadian Nationality

"Our Italian Christmas Memories" actor Jesse holds Canadian nationality.

Irving was born to Canadian parents in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Henceforth, he is a Canadian.

8. Irving Is Also A Producer

Not many of us know, but Jesse Irving is also a producer. He served as a co-producer for a 10-minute short film "Run Along, Robert" in 2015.

Filmed in Steveston, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, the short film dropped in August 2015 in Canada.

Ana Pacheco and Gurleen Kaur are the writer and director of the 10-minute short film respectively.

9. He Is An Optimistic Person

The Canadian actor Jesse Irving is a very joyful and optimistic individual who is grateful for every experience in his life.

He has had various first-time experiences during his career. The actor learned to drive a 1950's pickup truck while he played Tom Wilson's role in Project Blue Book.

Irving is open to any opportunities that are on his way. The actor uncovered that he is like a clean slate all ready for whatever comes his way. 

He wishes to identify his weaknesses and work on them whilst refining his strengths. Jesse always looks forward to working with inspiring individuals who push his limits and capabilities.

10. Jesse Is Approachable On Instagram

Irving is easily approachable on the mainstream social platform Instagram under the username @jesseirving.

He is within easy reach; however, the actor has no posts on his account presently. His account has over 1.6k followers at present.

The actor's Instagram has yet to be verified with a blue badge.

11. He Is A Graduate Of Langara College Film Arts

Jessi Irving attended Langara College Film Arts. The actor graduated from college in 2015.

Langara College congratulated Irving on his acting debut in Garrett's role in the television series "Second Chance" via Facebook post in 2016.