Jesse Watters has acquired impressive responses to his text Number from the public domain on his new primetime show Jesse Watters Primetime in the following months. 

He is a famous American conservative political commentator on Fox News who has impressed millions of people with his works in the journalism field in the following years. In particular, people have admired his role as the host of Jesse Watters Primetime. 

Further, he has impressed the viewers with his man-on-the-street interviews in the Watters'World. He also frequently appeared on the political talk show The O'Reilly Factor. In addition, he started the monthly Fox News program Watters' World on November 20, 2015, which became a weekly show in January 2017. 

Jesse started serving as the co-host of the roundtable series The Five in April 2017, where he also published his book How I Saved the World on July 6, 2021, and it came number one on The New York Time nonfiction best-seller list for the week ending July 10, 2021. 

What Is Jesse Watters Text Number Starting With 929?

Jesse Watters started a new primetime show Jesse Watters Primetime on January 24, 2022, where he published his text number 929-286-7479 in the public domain. In particular, he wanted the whole country to text him so he could listen to their opinion. 

He has established an open line of communication with the nation to hear their voice, and he wants the viewers to play an active role in the show. Further, he puts the people's texts on the air and responds to them. People have admired his idea to display people's views on the show. 

Fox News Anchor Jesse Watters Health Update 

Jesse Watters had a back ailment in the past months as he had his back to the window and spent four or five days in the hospital. Further, he escaped some episodes on Fox News'The Five in April 2022. Meanwhile, many people wonder if he has a back problem at the current date. 

However, he recovered from the injury to his back in the hospital in April and returned to his shows. Further, he has not complained about his back pain in the following months. Fans are happy to learn about his recovery as people love him hosting the show instead of lying on the bed. 

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How Old Is Jesse Watters? Age Explored

Jesse Watters has reached the age of 43 at the current date as he was born on July 9, 197, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He completed his graduation from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with a B.A. in History. 

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He started his career as a production assistant at Fox News, where he moved to the production staff of The O'Reilly Factor in 2003 and began to appear on-air segments of "Reilly's show in 2004.