John Robinson was the ideal family man from the outside but in reality was a sadistic serial killer ( Source : Abcnews )

78-year-old Illinois resident John Robinson was a conman, serial killer, and kidnapper, booked for the death penalty for the murder of three women in fifteen years. 

Indeed, he began embezzling doctors out of thousands of dollars before initiating his slaughtering in 1984. He commenced hiring unsuspecting women and eradicating them while sending out forged letters to secure they were alive and well.

Next, he swindled Lisa Stasi and her child in the pretense of a good life and ruled out her death as suicide. 

Throughout his trial, he never felt a drop of remorse as his statement were devoid of emotion, as he even returned to court in a bid to overturn the death sentence.

Is John Robinson Still Alive Or Executed? 2022 Update

Serial killer- con man John Robinson is still alive, but he received the death penalty for his murders and embezzling. 

Even after getting away from three slayings, he did not get his fill of hurting people as he discovered the Internet and roamed online chatrooms in search of more innocent lives. 

As his popularity grew on the sites, he got increasingly careless, and his ability to avoid detection diminished.

Fortunately, the authorities caught wind of what was ongoing under their noses as his name kept coming up in missing person investigations.

He finally got arrested in June 2000 at his farm after he got accused of sexual battery as it gave investigators the probable cause they needed to obtain search warrants.

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They jumped the gun and searched his residence, where they found the decaying bodies of Lewicka and Trouten in two 85-pound chemical drums.

Upon more probing, they found two garages with three more bodes where they had received blows to the head and lost their lives.

What Was John Robinson's Crime? Where Is He Now?

John Robinson is in El Dorado Correctional Facility waiting for the death penalty for the killings of Trouten and Lewicka by the Messuire state and life confinement for Stasi's murder as Kansas did not have the provision for the death penalty. 

His additional charges include decades behind bars for interfering with parental custody, kidnapping, and theft. Initially, his lawyer avoided a trial in the Missouri state, knowing their aggressive intent to bring justice to the targets as they were sure he would get capital punishment convictions.

John Edward Robinson Was Sentenced to Death for His Crimes
John Edward Robinson Was Sentenced to Death for His Crimes( Source : Qnewshub )

They had to reach a compromise when Robinson reluctantly helped to disclose the corpse locations for a lesser sentence.  

Although the evidence was enough to get him behind bars, he still avoided having any penitence or specific acceptance of responsibility for the event. 

What Was John Robinson's Age? Did He Have A Family?

78-year-old Illinois resident John Robinson was a seemingly normal man from an abusive family consisting of an alcoholic father and a disciplinarian mother.

As a kid, he got interested in the Eagle scouts as he got a chance to perform in front of Queen Elizabeth II before enrolling in Quigley Preparatory Seminary, a boy's school for aspiring priests. 

His troubles abiding by the rules began when he got removed from the institution for having disciplinary issues.

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But his academic pursuits continued as he aspired to become a medical radiographer after getting a degree from Morton Junior College. His pattern continued when he dropped out and eventually married Nancy Jo Lynch, having children, John Jr., daughter Kimberly in 1967, and twins Christopher and Christine.

Lastly, his actions resulted in his spouse filing for divorce after four decades of marriage.