Joelle Rich Is One Of The Lawyers Who Helped Johnny Win His Trial Against Libel
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Joelle Rich is a lawyer for Johny Depps, who got famous after the trial of Johny and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Joella and Johny were thought to be dating each other during his trial, and things have gotten more interesting now.

Rich was one of the attorneys who worked on Depp's case against the UK newspaper when he sued the publication for libel in 2018. Still, she was not a legal team member representing him in his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard earlier in the year.

She was present in the Virginia courtroom to offer her "support" for the Oscar nominee. Depp and Heard's marriage, which terminated in 2017, was the topic of two separate lawsuits brought by the Secret Window actor.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the Due to delays, and the trial began in July 2020. The jury unanimously concluded that Heard defamed Depp and awarded him $5 million in punitive and compensatory damages. In her counterclaim, the jury gave Heard $2 million in compensatory damages but no punitive punishment.

Some Quick Facts About Joelle Rich

NameJoelle Rich
Net Worthunder $1 million
PartnerJohnny Depp(expected)

Johnny Depp Lawyer Joelle Rich Wiki And Bio

As per the available Wiki and bio of Joelle Rich, she is a lawyer who has served Johnny Depp in his UK libel trial.

Joelle helps individuals and families protect their privacy and reputations within and outside the courtroom. Joelle frequently represents her clients in crisis events, defending their reputations against false and defamatory charges in print, online, and on social media.

Joelle Is A Lawyer who has expertise in libel, privacy and copyright disputes
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She specializes in preserving people's privacy from unjustified intrusion and media exposure. Joelle got the Silver Medal for "Future Leader Initiative of the Year" and was named a finalist in Spear's Wealth Management Awards 2021 for "Future Leader in Private Client Services.'

She also has extensive experience in libel, privacy, and copyright issues, having recently been a member of the team that won a significant privacy and copyright case in the public eye and leading a recent high-profile libel action.

The Age Of Joelle Rich Is 33 Years

Joelle Rich is currently 33 years of age. She was born in London, as per her LinkedIn account.

Rich is much younger than her assumed boyfriend, Johnny Depp; he is 59 years old at the moment. Despite the considerable age gap, Joelle is rumored to be dating him.

Joelle has been a lawyer for a long time now. She has over a decade of expertise in media law and can recognize risks to clients' privacy and reputation and create effective measures to protect them.

Joelle is a highly experienced litigator whose goal is to use the law to defend her clients from unwarranted interference in their personal or business lives.

Net Worth Of Joella Rich

The estimated net worth of lawyer Joella Rich is around $1 million. She must have amassed quite an impressive wealth from her career as a lawyer.

On average, lawyers in the UK make around $85k a year, which is above average compared to other professions. She has also handled many high-profile cases up until now.

Johnny Depp has A Bigger Net Worth Than Joelle Rich
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Rich worked at DLA Piper in London as a trainee solicitor before joining Schillings, barely one month after her wedding. She specialized in intellectual property, media, and sports disputes.

Trainee attorneys are expected to work long and tiring hours, and client engagement will be minimal at the outset of your training contract with most of your administrative tasks. The training contract is the final step in the long process of becoming a solicitor.

Joelle Rich Family Information

Joelle Rich had a family with her previous husband, but she got separated, according to the news, after meeting Johnny Depp in the trial.

According to a source, Joelle was married when she met the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor, but she is now divorcing her spouse.

Joelle's children's age is unknown, but judging by her age, their ages may be around 7–10 years. The reason behind Joelle's divorce from her husband is not clear.

Update On Johnny Depp And Joelle Rich Dating Rumors Amid Trial

There are rumors that Johnny Depp started dating again after his controversial trial. People suspect he is currently dating Joelle Rich, his attorney who helped him sue the publication for libel.

During his televised defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp fans wanted nothing else but for the actor to date his lawyer, Camille Vasquez. Despite their on-screen connection, Vasquez denied any romantic relationship between her and her client.

Joelle Was There To Support Johnny On His Trial
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In a complete turn of events, Page Six revealed on Thursday that Depp is dating one of his lawyers, Joelle.

The London-based privacy lawyer was not on the actor's legal team in his US battle against ex-wife Amber Heard. Still, Rich was in the Virginia courtroom to offer support, and their relationship heated up, according to an insider.

She had no professional duty to appear in court. "It was personal," the insider explained to the magazine.

Some FAQs

What Is The Age Of Joelle Rich?

Joelle Rich is currently 33 years of age. She was born in London, as per her LinkedIn account.

What Is The Net Worth Of Joelle Rich?

The exact net worth of Joella is not talked about, but the lawyer may have less than $1 million.

How Many Members Are There In Joelle Rich Family?

Joelle Rich had a family with her previous husband, but she got separated. They have two children together