Josiah Ward served 15 years in prison and was released as per Michigan inmate reports. Find more about his car crash accident.

Josian Ward was convicted in 1998 for the homicide murder of his girlfriend Sheila Williams.

Sheila was a former hairdresser and she recently converted to the Holy path, starting to attend church and singing choirs in Lord's name.

Josiah Ward was a young guy, reckless with money and spending hugely on lavish things.

When he was a child, he traveled with his aunt once and fell victim to a terrible car crash.

The insurance settlement made him an instant millionaire and he started spending the settlement money in a haphazard fashion.

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Michigan Report: Where Is Josiah Ward Today? 

As per some inmate release reports, Josiah Ward had served his 15 years in prison for the homicide murder of his girlfriend Sheila Williams.

Josiah was a 19 years old Grand Rapids, Michigan resident.

He got a huge sum of money from his car crash insurance and became a young millionaire.

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One day, in 1998 he called 911 with a dispatch emergency call where he told the authorities that his girlfriend was lying dead on the floor with a lot of blood and a gun in her hands.

When questioned, he told them that he wanted her to abort while she wanted to keep the baby.

In post-mortem report, Sheila was found not to be pregnant and Josiah's statements seemed to deter and sway away from his initial testimonies.

Has Josiah Ward Been Released Or Is He Still In Jail? 

As per some inside reports, Josiah Ward has been released from the Michigan prison after serving 15 years behind the bar.

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Josiah was arrested after the forensic blood spatter experts did a thorough search of the crime scene and didn't find any relevant coherence in the position of the deceased and the nature of the blood spatter pattern on the floor.

The suicide type won't fit into the description of the crime site and Sheila was right-handed but the gun was in her left, plus the inflicted shot pierced her through the cheeks, embedding into her brain.

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Josiah Ward's Car Accident Details-Was He Convicted Of Murder

Josian Ward was a victim of a car accident when he was just a kid and traveled with her aunt.

He was seated in the front seat and got heavily scarred and disfigured by the crash while his brother who was in the back lost his life.

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Josiah was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Sheila Williams in 1998.