Justin and Glenda Chong in the 2015 New Years Day
Justin and Glenda Chong in the 2015 New Years Day( Source : facebook )

Singaporean lawyer Justin Chan, the husband of Glenda Chong, has not disclosed his net worth, but we understand it to be in the millions.

Viewers started getting worried when they saw their favorite anchor missing from the usual seat at the CNA table when she admitted that she and her spouse had symptoms of Covid. It all began when she greeted him with a kiss and unkindly transferred her germs.

Fortunately, the tests showed negative results as the wife is sure that it was a false negative.

But the pair was not one to take risks as they decided to quarantine till they became fit and healthy, not be a calamity to her co-workers.

How Rich Is Glenda Chong Husband? Justin Chan Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of Justin Chan, the husband of Glenda Chong, is still under review, but we are sure they have more than enough to live their lives in eternal peace.

Glenda Chong and Justin in 2015
Glenda Chong and Justin in 2015( Source : facebook )

According to numerous news outlets, he is a partner at Tito Isaac Co while operating as an advocate and a solicitor. 

His LinkedIn states that he got the job around 2004 as a practitioner in civil litigation. His expertise also reaches matrimonial, criminal, and corporate matters but likes to elaborate on construction claims, injuries, enforcement of rights, and non-compete agreements. 

Around six years ago, he got the chance to become the head of dispute at the enterprise as he built long-standing and rewarding associations with his clients.

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As a graduate of the University of Nottingham, he also interned in Drew & Napier LLC before he got the opportunity to reach a broad range of clients and improve his precision with a national company. 

Is Justin Chan Glenda Chong's Husband?

Solicitor Justin Chan is blissfully married to celebrity news presenter Glenda Chong. Their wedding was intimate, but the journalist was happy to dish out the deal of the eventful day. 

In an interview with her world, she shared how they planned for the wedding as they changed vows in the presence of their close friends and family while complying with her Peranakan heritage. 

Justin and Glenda Chong on their wedding day
Justin and Glenda Chong on their wedding day( Source : herworld )

The guest wore bibiks and babas in traditional sarong kebayas and batik shirts as the bride did not hide her grin.

Initially, they met in 2012 at a car park but did not think much of each other until they crossed paths again at the party where they got to talking. The attraction was instant as she knew they got destined to be together. 

Indeed, he got equally smitten by her beauty as he proposed to her three-time, even when she said yes to all three. 

Justin Chan Age And Wikipedia- Who Is He?

Lawyer Justin Chan is the spouse of Chanel News Asia executive editor Glenda Chong whose age remains undisclosed. We estimate him to be the same age as his partner and in their 50s.

Talking about his beautiful lady love, she grew up in Singapore as the loving daughter of a Hakka father and Peranakan mother.

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Indeed, she began as Channel NewsAsia corresponded and even reported on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, with sensational coverage of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Her reputation only grew after getting named the Best News Anchor in 2001 and serving the Mediacorp newsroom.