Justin Swanstrom is a popular American YouTuber and car racer from Florida.
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Justin Swanstrom teeth look perfect than ever after spending $20000. Justin had braces four times in his life.

Justin is known as Lil Country in the racing world. He has a ride named 69 Camaro and works at Cameron Johnson Race Cars.

The racer is also a YouTuber and has 74.1k followers. He updates his channel every week on his lifestyle and racing videos.

The car racer competed full-time on season four of Discovery Channel's popular show Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. He debuted with a 2002 Camaro in the coveted Invitational class, costing $40,000 to win at each event.

Justin has been racing through the ranks, from various cut-throat no-time competitions to radial tire elimination. He has established himself as a prominent driver and the family as a dedicated unit.

Justin Swanstrom Teeth Before And After Photos

The car racer had a gap in the center of his teeth. His gap in the teeth kept coming as he forgot to wear his retainer.

Justin has had to wear braces four times to have a perfect smile. His dentist told him the process was easy since his teeth were straight. 

In January 2022, Justin visited Smile Dental Center Miami to secure his new smile. He traveled to Tampa for treatment and uploaded a video on his Youtube titled "I SPENT $20,000 In This Video For The PERFECT SMILE!"

The Youtube video described his excitement while heading toward his new smile. He uploaded a picture on Instagram captioned "Miami bound to secure my new smile"

Sadly, the YouTuber finished his YouTube video after chatting for a while with his dentist. He could not make any video of the process but later flaunted his new teeth on social media handles.

Justin Swanstrom's before and after picture of his teeth.
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The implants were placed in the root canals' old roots during the procedure. The racer had 60 days for six trays and then had to attend zoom calls.

Justin got back home to show his family new teethers. Justin first showed his new smile to his mother and captured an honest reaction.

His mother said, "they look pretty; I feel that it might be a little big wide but not that wide" Swanstrom's mother has a perfect smile; she has had an Invisalign for around six months.

Justin Swanstrom Spent $20,000 For His Teeth To Get A Perfect Smile

A perfect smile was everything that Justin Swanstrom had wanted to have for a long time. His desire finally came true in January; after a month, he visited Smile Dental Center in Miami.

He made a day vlog and uploaded it on his YouTube channel, where he shared his journey to getting a perfect smile. The video says, "I spent $20,000 on this video for the perfect smile." The video has gained over 30k viewers in nine months.

Justin clicks a selfie with his new perfect smile.
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He had been working on this for a very long time. Justin put all his money into his race program and appreciated every individual that buys merch supporting his YouTube channel and everything that is going on.

With a strong desire to have a perfect smile, Justin took the last year and saved up every month and put it to the side of what he felt he needed to be able to accomplish at the year's end after the race season. 

In December, Justin went to the dental center to get his x-rays and other procedures done. With all the examinations, the dentist figured out what they had to do and called him after a month. He had talked about the procedure to only a few people.

He couldn't wait to see his transformation and flaunt his new smiling look. After getting it all done, he headed home on the second day and showed his new smile to his mother. He joked, "She better say something nice because I have spent a lot of money on it."