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Kai Neukermans, age 18, was invited to play drums for Pearl Jam after their regular drummer Matt Cameron sat out of COVID.

It was an amazing moment to witness when a young boy, Kai Neukermans, stepped up t play the drums for Pearl Jam.

The boy did brilliantly in front of a massive crowd as more than 20 thousand people witnessed his talent on the drums.

From high school and local stage in front of hundreds to a massive stage in front of thousands, it was a big move for Kai.

But he made sure to calm his nerves and show what he got.

Following the attention, many people have now taken an interest in the boy and are interested to know more about him as they are also curious about what happened to Matt.

Who Is Kai Neukermans? Know About The Boy Who Played Drums For Pearl Jam

Kai Neukermans, the new drummer boy for Pearl Jam, is a high school student with a good experience as a drummer.

He uses the sticks in various events for his academy, Tamalpais High School, as well as other local events.

Neukermans has been playing the instrument since he was around 8 years old after his friends asked him in need of a drummer.

From that day, Kai has fallen in love with it and has also spoken about how this love for drums has presented him with various opportunities.

The biggest of them probably was his latest involvement with the rock band.

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What Happened To Pearl Jam Drummer Matt Cameron? Illness Explored

Pearl Jam drummer, Matt Cameron, got affected by COVID which gave the teenager Neukermans to play the drums.

The regular drummer of the rock band was recently infected with the virus and thus was not available to perform.

He is thought to be recovering well.

After the other members were looking for a capable fellow, it was the daughter of the band's lead singer Eddie Vedder who introduced them to Kai.

Following the contact, the young lad sent his video playing the instrument and was called by the crew to practice the song a few hours before the actual performance.

Kai Neukermans Parents Details

Kai Neukermans's parents are unidentified to the outer public at this moment.

No details about the mom and dad as well as other family members of the musician can be found on the internet.

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