Kali Prasad AKA Eight from Stranger Things and her disappearance from the recent season of the show is one of the most talked-about topics on the web.

Stranger Things' Kali Prasad, often known as Eight, is a recurrent character who first appeared in the second season. Kali was one of the numerous test subjects at Hawkins Lab when she was a little kid.

She has sought vengeance for the atrocities she experienced there ever since she escaped and was also abused as a child because of her abilities.

What Happened To Kali aka Eight In Stranger Things? 

Kali was one of the nail-biting characters in the second season of Stranger Things. When Netflix threw the teaser for the 4th season fans had a feeling that she would feature in it through flashbacks. 

The focus on the Rainbow Room was one of the most obvious signs that Kali is returning, especially because Kali and Eleven used to play there together, but there are other signs that point to a return as well.

A bleeding Magic 8-ball was seen in the first teaser. When Kali was in the lab, her number was eight, and the bloody visuals might be a hint of her darker side. Another Magic 8-ball shot appeared in the second teaser, with the message "Signs Point To Yes."

This was expected to be a clear indicator that Kali will be returning.

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Why Is Kali AKA Eight Not In Season 4 Flashbacks?

Kali's disappearance from the recently released season of Stanger Things has shocked the viewers. As mentioned above, it was quite obvious that she would be present in it looking at the teasers.

The debates have begun and people are speculating that it might be due to the issues with Linnea Berthelsen, the actress who plays the character. This might be a possibility but the team has not come up with any clarification regarding this. 

However, simply observing through the story point of view, Dr. Brenner was directing Eleven's memories through the Nina Project, and he was focused on events just before Eleven broke out in Stranger Things season 1 for a straightforward reason.

Kali had fled years before, fooling the guards and slipping past them with her illusion skills. Dr. Martin Brenner continued to allude to her when instructing the other children, indicating that her absence was felt by the rest of the children.

Whatever the reason might be, the character is still very much relevant and she might appear in the seasons to come.