Katherine Blanford announcing her International Georgia Tour dates.
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Katherine Blanford is an American standup comedian from Atlanta who still performs live shows in her hometown every weekend. Let us learn more about Katherine Blanford, including her age and personal life.

Katherine Blanford is a rising star in the American comedy scene, having made significant progress in a relatively short period of time thanks to her amusing jokes and ability to connect with the audience. Her audience adores and supports her.

She does not confine herself to Atlanta, but tours the entire United States, performing in front of live audiences in pubs and clubs.

Comedian Katherine Blanford Age: How Old Is She?

According to her images, Katherine Blanford is between the ages of 25 and 30 as of 2022. She has not, however, revealed her true age on the internet.

Her zodiac sign is also unavailable due to a lack of information about her actual date of birth, and making predictions about her personality based on the zodiac sign is also impossible.


Likewise, her parents' names have yet to be revealed; her mother died before she began standup comedy, and little is known about her father.

Besides, she is also loved and supported by her loved ones in every step of her life.

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Katherine Blanford Wikipedia Bio

Katherine Blanford is a comedian, writer, and podcast host from the United States.

While she does not yet have a Wikipedia profile for her wiki and bio, she does have a personal website where she can be found.

In this article, we have also covered everything there is to know about the comedian for our readers and viewers.

Blanford describes herself as a playful, silly human golden retriever who enjoys being let out of her crate.


Katherine has performed at the Limestone Comedy Festival, The 10,000 Laughs Fest, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and Red Clay Comedy Festival, among others.

Her film credits include co-writing the short My Lethal Weapon, which was shown at the 2018 Dam Short Film Festival and the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival, in addition to her standup comedy work.

When she isn't writing screenplays or planning her next stage performance, she works as a 'Pediatric Waste Management Engineer,' which translates to nanny in layman's terms.

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Katherine Blanford Boyfriend Explored

Katherine Blanford is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend. She seems to be madly in love with Kevin Hanson.

It is unknown if the couple is married or not as it does not even seem to be because both of them have not shared anything related to the couple being married.

Hopefully, we will be able to see the couple tying the knot.


Besides, both Katherine and Kevin never miss a chance to flaunt each other on their social media handles.

Likewise, the couple loves traveling and spending time together as soon as they are free.

Find more about them through their social media handles. @itskatherineblanford is Katherine's Instagram handle.

Likewise, find Kevin Hanson through his username @kp_hanson.