Kathy is a chef who is seen in the Chef Dynasty: House of Fang with her father, chef Peter Fang
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Netizens are going crazy over Kathy Fang eye color which makes her stand out in the crowd. Kathy is an American chef with a Chinese background.

Besides being a noted chef, she is also a restaurateur and television personality. She co-owns Fang, a popular restaurant in San Francisco, with her father, chef Peter Fang.

She is recognized for blending Cantonese cooking style with her innovative modern recipe inspired by her experience and travels. Fang like creating modern, sophisticated dishes which remind them of home.

The famous father-daughter duo, Peter and Kathy, has expanded their business representing their roots and culture in the new docuseries Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, which premiered on December 27 on the Food Network. 

Kathy Fang's Eye Color Makes Her Stand Out

Kathy Fang eye color has made her famous among netizens. Kathy Fang blue colored eyes became popular after she released her docuseries.

After the premiere of the Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, netizens started noticing her eye color even more than ever. Her unique eye color makes her distinguishable even in the crowd.

Kathy has a blue eyes that makes her distinguishable among the crowd
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The chef has blue eyes that compliment her hairstyle, which appears like a balayage. Fang's bold eye makeup with her blue eye color makes her eye pop up like the first thing you notice on her.

Kathy wears brown eye shadow as a base color for her eye makeup and tops it with bold, thick eyeliner. She also uses eyeliner on her waterline, which works like magic with her eye color.

Some might think that Fang wore a blue-colored eye lens; however, it is her natural eye color. The chef revealed that only one of her eyes is blue via a tweet in 2013.

Kathy and her father, chef Peter Fang
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Joanne Tong wrote not to be fooled by those blue eyes in one of Fang's tweets in September 2013. That's how the truth about her eye color came into view.

Blue eyes are often considered one of the most beautiful eye colors. Fang also comes under the list of the lucky ones blessed with beautiful eye colors.

Fang's children, unfortunately, didn't inherit her eye colors.

Kathy Released Docuseries Chef Dynasty: House Of Fang

Kathy and Peter, the father-daughter duo, have their docuseries Chef Dynasty: House of Fang which premiered on Food Network.

The main motive behind the docuseries is to balance the innovation of new recipes while honoring and representing their roots through food. The docuseries premiered on Food Network on 27 December 2022.

Her father started House of Nanking (HONK), which serves Cantonese cuisine, in 1988. Fang began curating her recipes on traditional items from an early age.

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang premiered on December 27, 2022
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Fang's passion for food and cooking when she was very young. When she was little, she would spend time at her grandmother's or her father's restaurant. 

The culinary journey for the father-daughter duo will be one of a kind that balances the modern menus and traditional Chinese flavor. 

The chef has promoted her new culinary docuseries across her social platforms, including Instagram. Most of her latest content on the platform is related to Chef Dynasty: House of Fang.