Kaylah Zander is 46 years old. Kaylah Zander made her acting debut at the age of 41 in 2017. 

The actress best recognized for playing Melissa O'Neil's role in Rescued by Ruby and Sycorax's role in the 2020 television series 'The 100 and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

She flaunts seventeen acting credits on her resume regardless of starting her career in 2017. Her latest credit includes The Recruit, Fire Country, Rescued by Ruby, and Drone Pilot have a Crisis of Conscience.

Zander appeared in Amelia's role in the 2022 television series The Recruit alongside Noah Centineo, Laura Haddock, Aarti Mann, Colton Dunn, Fivel Stewart, Vondie Curtis-Hall, and more.

Kaylah Zander Age And Height

At the age of 46, Kaylah Zander has achieved prominence as an actress. Kaylah Zander was born in 1976 in East Vancouver.

Kaylah stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. The actress is 1.75 if measured in meters. She has an average height for the age of her women.

The actress shared a carousel of five photos reminiscing moments of her 16th birthday in 1992. She uploaded pictures of her sister, father, and grandmother.

Zander penned, 'Here are my anniversary photos of the one and only Raul Guillermo Nuñez - El Papi Chilote - and my beautiful sisters and Abuelita and a nerdy me on my 16th birthday. Besitos, Dad.'

Kaylah on her 16th birthday in 1992.
Kaylah on her 16th birthday in 1992. ( Source : instagram )

She has a highlight named 2021 on her Instagram account, including moments of her birthday in 2021. 

In the first slide to the highlight, Zander uploaded a throwback photo with her cat while she held the corded phone. The actress revealed that she was on the ranch on her 44th birthday in 2020. 

Unlike many actors, she made her acting debut when she was 41 years old, not long ago in 2017. Zander played Beth Morsen's role in the short film Oranges and Browns.

Kaylah has emerged as a promising actress regardless of debuting not long ago. The in-depth details of her birthday remain obscure to this day.

Kaylah Has A Supportive Family

Talking about the family, Kaylah is not the only child of her parents. She has two sisters.

Zander's mother is European-Canadian, whereas the actress's father was a Chilean refugee. Besides that, in-depth details surrounding her family remain obscure in the present moment.

Kaylah shared a picture of her grandmother On Instagram.
Kaylah shared a picture of her grandmother On Instagram. ( Source : instagram )

The actress has two sisters, Malva Nunez Schmidt and Marcela H. Her sister Marcela wrote a poem in La poésie part out. Zander wrote on her Instagram, 'My sister @marsmella’s brilliant poem in @partoutlapoesie.'

Zander's sister Malva works at Spa One and Nude & True. She has been working at Spa One since November 3, 2020, until this day.

Zander with her sister Marcela Huerta
Zander with her sister Marcela Huerta ( Source : instagram )

Correspondingly, her sister has worked as an esthetician at Nude & True since December 10, 2018, and is still working to the present moment. 

Malva started studying at Tru Spa Institute of Aesthetics Ltd. on January 24, 2018, and is still a student at the institute. Whereas she previously studied at the University of Victoria.

Actress Kaylah's sister Malva, husband Eric, and their children.
Actress Kaylah's sister Malva, husband Eric, and their children. ( Source : facebook )

Malva has already married her husband, Eric Schmidt, on July 16, 2011. She and her husband, Eric, celebrated their 11th wedding ceremony in July 2022. 

The actress has mentioned Stuart Morris as her uncle and Shea Zander as her cousin. Likewise, Kaylah has mentioned Pilar Huerta, Leigh Zander, and Steve Zander as her family member on her Facebook.

Meet Kaylah On Instagram

The Latinx-Canadian actress Kaylah is available on Instagram under the username bighairdocare.

She has accumulated over 5.8k followers and follows 1522 on her social handle. Likewise, Zander has 154 posts on the mainstream social platform.

Kaylah made her acting debut at 41 in 2017.
Kaylah made her acting debut at 41 in 2017. ( Source : instagram )

Zander has addressed her pronoun as she/her in the biography. Correspondingly, The Recruit star showed that she is an artist under Trisko Talent Management Inc. in her bio.

Likewise, Queta Rojas, a model managing agency in Mexico, has Kaylah as one of their clients. She has various highlights, including 2021, Las Plantas, Fur Baby, and more, on her Instagram.

Kaylah Boasts A Decent Net Worth

Kaylah Boasts has an estimated net worth of $1 million from her career as an actress.

Zander has proven herself as a potential actress in a brief time of her career. Undoubtedly, the actress is accumulating more earnings than in the initial days of her career.

Brimming with nothing but talent, Kaylah is sure to secure more diverse roles shortly. Zander definitely has a bright future in the film industry.