Kelly Siegler Can Also Be Found On The Series Cold Justice
Kelly Siegler Can Also Be Found On The Series Cold Justice( Source : houstonchronicle )

Kelly Siegler is a former Harris County, State of Texas, prosecutor. She is a renowned prosecutor who is widely known for her tenancy, toughness, and skill in the courtroom. Kelly is also a TV star, a profession that she thought impossible.

Former Harris County Prosecutor Kelly is well-known among the state's top defense attorneys as one of the toughest and most bold prosecutors in the county.

Kelly's retirement did not mark the end of her efforts, as she teamed up with several television producers to develop the unscripted true crime series "Cold Justice," in which she and a team of investigators re-open unsolved unsolved murders with the consent of law enforcement.

Quick Facts

Name Kelly Siegler
Age 59
ProfessionFormer Prosecutor
Husband Samuel Lewis Siegler
Net Worth$1 million

Kelly Siegler's Net Worth And Assets:,Salary And Career Earnings Of The Prosecutor

The net worth of Kelly Siegler is estimated at around $1 million. Kelly served as a veteran prosecutor for 21 years.

The average salary of a prosecutor in the United States is around $70k a year. Kelly fought for justice for over 21 years before resigning from the District Attorney's Office in May 2008.

The property and owned assets of Kelly are not listed as of now.

Kelly Siegler Served As A Prosecutor For Over Two Decades
Kelly Siegler Served As A Prosecutor For Over Two Decades ( Source : houstonchronicle )

Siegler has prosecuted some of the most difficult cases against some of the harshest criminals Harris County has ever seen. She has done so with some of the state's most powerful and valued criminal defense attorneys.

She has tried around 200 jury trials and is recognized not only as a judge but also as a speaker and specialist in effective courtroom advocacy. She also appeared in the crime drama series, Cold Justice.

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Does Kelly Siegler Have A Husband?

Kelly Siegler has been married to Dr. Samuel Lewis Siegler II for a long time. The prosecutor has been married for 24 years now, and they also have two children.

Her husband is a primary care physician who primarily serves patients in Houston, Texas. Kelly and Samuel have three children, including a son who is following in his father's footsteps by completing his Family Medicine Residency.

Kelly With Her Husband
Kelly With Her Husband ( Source : twitter )

Their daughter also graduated from college in 2018, earning a bachelor's degree from the University of South Sewanee.

Kelly may be tough in court, but she has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. Unlike most people, Kelly enjoys both dogs and cats. According to her Instagram posts, she has two pets.

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Early Life Of Kelly Siegler: Wikipedia Bio

Kelly grew up in Blessing, where her father ran a barbershop that also sold liquor. Her mother ran a few restaurants, including the Blessing Hotel; she died of cancer later in life.

Kelly's parents were married until she was 13 years old. Kelly grew up with a sister and spent most of her childhood out of the spotlight.

It is unknown how she became interested in the field of law, but after graduating from Tidehaven High School in El Maton, she registered at the University of Texas in Austin, where she graduated with a degree in International Business in 1984.

She would work her way up the ranks, handling cases such as identity theft, consumer fraud, major fraud, and other serious offenses, ultimately becoming the Bureau Chief for her region.