Being an Actor Was A Dream For Khalil Everage
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Khalil Everage is expected to have a decent net worth besides his young age. He is a young American actor who has also played in the series Cobra Kai. The young actor is trying to leave his mark in the film industry and is moving in the right direction. 

Chris is a key recurring character in Cobra Kai. Khalil Everage portrays him. He first joins Cobra Kai, but after discovering that the ruthless mentality of Cobra Kai is too much for him, he changes to Miyagi-Do Karate.

Due to his prior exploits as a Cobra Kai, he has difficulty fitting in when he first joins Miyagi-Do. However, Chris's connections with the Miyagi-Do students strengthen over time, and he eventually becomes good friends with them while becoming a high-ranking dojo member.

However, his choice to quit Cobra Kai breaks his friendship with his closest friend, Mitch. In this article, Khalil's family details, including his late father, will be discussed.

Some Interesting Facts About Khalil Everage

NameKhalil Everage
Net WorthUNDER $500K
ParentsDina And Khaldun Everage
Famous AsChris In Cobra Kai

Khalil Everage Has A Decent Net Worth: Career Earnings

The estimated net worth of Khalil Everage is  $500k. He is still very young and has not played in many movies and series, so his net worth is growing at a normal pace. 

It is unofficially reported that Cobra Kai's main actors earn around $100k per episode, but this may not be the case for Khalil because very few people were on the list, and it didn't include Everage.

Khalil First Walked On Red Carpet in 2019
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Besides Cobra Kai, Khalil has tasted success in other projects, such as Beats. The young American actor is the major cast member of Beats. Everage plays the teenage August Monroe in Beats, who withdraws from society after his sister is murdered in front of him.

On one of the podcasts, Khalil mentioned that he is currently living in his own house. Because the actor is not active on Instagram, it is unclear if he has done any brand endorsements.

He walked his first red carpet in 2019 in Miami Beach at the American Film Festival for the international premiere of the Chicago movie. The movie Beats received a good response from the audience, and IMDB rated the movie 6.5/10. 

Khalil Everage Family And Sibling

Khalil Everage was from a supportive and spiritual family. He and his siblings visited church every Sunday because their father used to take them.

Unfortunately, Khalil's father passed away; his father used to sing in the church choir, and he was among the active members of the church. Music runs through Khalil's family; his uncle Jonathan McReynolds is a gospel singer nominated for a Grammy.

Khalil's father was a big fan of sports; he taught his son everything about sports. Everage mostly liked football. All his family members are highly spiritual; his parents are church members.

Image Of Khalil's Father Who Was A MembeR Of A Church
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The church also paid tribute to Khalil's dad after he passed away. The church stated that Khaldun's life affected the life of their church. He had several associations with famous groups, yet he served that church with humility and a real servant's heart. He left a lasting impression on us and will be greatly missed.

His dad was a former marine, his mother was an educator who worked for school management organizations, his dad maintained good discipline in the home, and his children were not surrounded by hate.

Everage has similar characteristics to his character, August, in "Beats." Everage understands August's need to escape from the world around him. August is devastated throughout the film after seeing his sister's demise at the hands of a shooter. Everage lost his father, Khaldun Everage, a well-known community outreach specialist, and numerous friends to gun violence in 2012.

Wikipedia Bio Of Khalil Everage

The movie Beat is the first major gig of Khalil Everage. Before that, Everage attended Chicago High School, where he studied art.

He had a minor role on "The Chi" and a recurrent role on the YouTube series "Cobra Kai." Everage's first major gig, "Beats," came after a protracted audition procedure.

Patti K. Gill, an owner of Gill Talent Group, who met Everage and his family from church, said he's a natural performer with a "big career" ahead of him.

Official Poster Of Beats(Khalil on The Right)
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"He has a easy-going, effortless attitude. "A lot of times, kids are scared, especially when it comes to acting, though he had a very natural talent, and I believe that's what stuck out with the casting directors," Gill said.

Everage and his "Beats" characters both come from comparable backgrounds. He hails from a musical family. His father and uncle were musicians.

Some FAQs

Who Are Khalil Everage Family?

Khalil Everage was from a supportive and spiritual family. He and his siblings visited church every Sunday because their father used to take them.

Has Khallil Everage Walked Down On Red Carpet?

Yes, Khalil first walked on red carpet on 2019 for the Chicago movie’s world premiere.

What Is The Net Worth Of Khalil Everage?

He has not played in many movies and series, so his net worth is growing at a normal pace. Judging from Khalil's appearance in films and series, he may have around $500k in net worth.