Kim Garam is surrounded by a bullying scandal after a user exposed her deeds during her school time. 

Kim Garam is a singer who Lesseafim recently introduced. A day after her introduction, she has already attracted news headlines and gossip. Here are the details of the incident. 

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Explained

A bullying scandal of Kim Garam is publicized on the internet. The old photos were circulated on Korean community sites less than a day after Lesserafim introduced her.

The posts show several images associated with her that are inappropriate for a student. One of the pictures shows a board in the background that has images of sexual content.

Later, a person claiming to be her friend posted on Facebook, stating that she was compelled to snap pictures without understanding what was scribbled on the board.

According to Kbizzoom, she requested that the inappropriate photographs on the board be removed after she discovered them. However, netizens think they are just excuses to cover up her actions.

On the other side, rumors that Kim Ga-ram harassed several students on campus were made on social networking services like Twitter and online groups. She allegedly tormented her juniors and even caused a student to be hospitalized. She was also accused of smoking and drinking when she was underage. 

The rumors do not stop her, as another user claimed she was a Starship trainee and may have been pulled from the IVE lineup.

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What Is Lesserafim Singer Kim Garam Age?

Kim Gram is the new singer announced by Lesseafim, who is at the age of 16. She was born on 16 November 2005.

There is no additional information about her family or parents. The recent posts of her bullying of her friends and juniors during her middle school have created havoc on the internet. 

The user who exposed her truth claims that she used to lightly bully her friends, stop them when she was making Tiktok videos and talk behind their backs if they would not do as she said. 

After she finished middle school and went to high school, she would text or call all her classmates to warn them not to say anything about her. Later, they discovered that she was planning to become a public figure and enter the entertainment industry. 

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Kim Garam Biography Explored 

Kima Garam's biography is not mentioned on the web. There are no details about her parents or siblings. 

The information about her schooling and how she decided to start her career in the entertainment industry is not available. But she is set to make her debut in May 2022.