Kirk Hammett is seen on Metal Lords. The new movie consists of cameos from several real-life rockstars. Let's take a look at who else made special appearances in the movie.

Metal Lords was recently released on streaming services on April 8, 2022. Kirk Hammett and several stars of heavy metal were seen in the teen music movie.

Two high school buddies, Kevin and Hunter aim for the competition Battle of the Bands. Having no exposure to the scene, the buddies struggle to form a kickass metal band in time for the competition.

The movie shows the protagonist, Kevin, along with his friends, getting immersed in the world of heavy metal. Here is an explanation of the cameos of all the Metal legends in the movie Metal Lords.

Is Kirk Hammet On Metal Lords

Kirk Hammett makes a cameo on Metal Lords. The Metallica legend has appeared in the movie alongside several other metal stars.

In the movie, Hammett gives the protagonist Kevin a piece of advice on what to do about the Kendall situation. Apparently, Kevin has a crush on Kendall and Kendall too has feelings for Kevin but has not openly shown her love. When Hammett explains the situation, Kevin gets confused even more.

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The movie was written by DB Weiss, the famed co-creator of the immensely popular fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. The producer has mentioned that the idea of the movie was based on his own experience playing in high school bands during his adolescent days.

Metal Lord Cameos Explained

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has appeared in the movie Metal Lords. The cameo is attributed as a means of senior guidance to the younger rockstar aspirants. The real-life rockstars appeared as the four gods of metal. The metalheads appeared as themselves.

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The movie stars Jaden Martell, Adrian Greensmith, and Isis Hainsworthas the teenage high school students Kevin, Hunter, and Emily who form an unlikely rock band to compete in the Battle of the Bands.

The male duo of guitarist and drummer have their metal band called Skullf**ker and recruit a cello player Emily, who has only played classical music before. The three musicians with totally polarising personalities and personal differences form the band.

How Many Cameos Did You Spot?

Apart from Kirk Hammett, there were cameos from other rockstars as well. Guitarist Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machines, who worked as the music producer on the movie, also appeared as one of the metal gods.

In addition, Anthrax's founding member and guitarist Scott Ian also appeared in the movie. He appears when Kevin is in a hot tub with Kendall, encouraging him to make a move.

Judas Priest's vocalist Rob Halford was also seen making a cameo in the movie. He makes Kevin realize that he has found someone who loves him back. Kevin thanks Halford for his advice and leaves.