Kiruna celebrating her mom's 70th birthday with her parents in Queens Park on August 14, 2022
Kiruna celebrating her mom's 70th birthday with her parents in Queens Park on August 14, 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Kiruna Stamell and her sisters Peta Stamell and Melanie Stamell grew up in Eastern Suburbs. Peta and Melanie are twins and younger siblings of Kiruna.

Kiruna is a professional actress and a dancer. She is best known for her performance as the girl in the bar in The Best offer, Cupid in Love hurts, and a major role as La Petite Princesse in Moulin Rouge! 

The actress has a passion for dance and has studied various dance forms like ballet, contemporary, and tap dance. While studying dance, theatre, and film at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, she developed her interest in acting.

Moreover, she was also funded to study Shakespearean and Jacobean plays at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art(LAMDA) in 2005. 

The actress also portrays the character of Kristy Millar in the BBC soap opera Doctors since January 2023.

She was born on 13 March 1981 and has British-Australian nationality. As a child, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Dwarfism. Kiruna can be found on Twitter as @Kiruna_Stamell and is active on Instagram as @kirunastamell.

Twin sisters Peta and Melanie also have a rare form of Dwarfism like their sister Kiruna. All three siblings had to spend their life dealing with discrimination and abuse due to their physical appearance. However, their height never stopped them from developing successful careers in their own fields. 

Kiruna Stamell Sisters

Kiruna Stamell and her sisters Peta and Melanie were born in Sydney to George and Kerry Stamell. George and Kerry were high school teachers by profession. 

Peta Stamell Is A Managing Director At Little Products

Peta Stamell currently works as a Managing Director at Little Products Pty Ltd. Little Products is an Australian company that manufactures and sells children's consumer goods, dwarfism, and disability products.

Peta has experience working with BBC for three years as a TV and Multiplatform Production Management assistant and as an 'Ouch' Production runner. She has also worked as a researcher for BBC for 2 years. 

Moreover, she has also been the winner of the 2018 Griffin Accelerator Business Grant program and the 2017 ACT Innovation Grant program. Peta studied graphic design at the University of Canberra.

Peta announced the birth of her baby Rowan on December 10, 2021
Peta announced the birth of her baby Rowan on December 10, 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Peta along with her sister Melanie has started a campaign called Kickstarter campaign by which they invented the light switch adapter.

The adapter was designed especially for those who have difficulty reaching the light switches. The combined effort and hard work of two sisters, one being an engineer and the other a graphic designer makes the campaign successful. 

Melanie Stamell Is an Engineer

Melanie is a founder, product designer, and partner at Little Products Pty ltd. Previously, she worked as a Rehabilitation Engineer in Wales and Ireland for eight months.

She had the interest and passion of choosing her career to design solutions for people with disabilities. As a part of her research, she explored various rehabilitation engineering facilities in Wales and Ireland. Moreover, she loved her work as a rehabilitation engineer as her career is according to her interest.

Melanie with her twin sister Peta in New York
Melanie with her twin sister Peta in New York ( Source : instagram )

Melanie has completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in System Engineering from The Australian National University. While studying, she was involved in various activities organized by the Australian National University Mountaineering Club and the National University Caving Club. Moreover, the engineer has created various outdoor adventure equipment like kayaks and paddles.

Melanie and her twin Peta loves helping people to make their life easier. Both sisters are also members of a non-government organization, Little People of New Zealand. LPNZ is a voluntary society of little people, their families, and other people who are interested in their welfare. 

Kiruna Stamell Husband Is Gareth Berliner

Kiruna Stamell married her husband Gareth in 2012. Gareth is an actor, writer, and comedian.

Berliner has been a part of various films, television, and theatre productions. Berliner became a professional actor in 2014 with Pirate and Parrot. Moreover, he is well known for his performances in various TV series like Doctor Who, Coronation Street, and EastEnders. He established himself as a successful comic performer and a stand-up comedian. He started his journey as a professional comedian in 2005 performing across UK and Europe. He works with abnormally funny people too and performs a stand-up comedy show in an NHS-funded show called Cracking Up.

Gareth Berliner is on Twitter as @GarethBerliner and has 2826 followers to date. The comedian is also available on Instagram as @garethberliner and has 2778 followers. Additionally, he also has his own Youtube account where he shares his comedy videos.

Kiruna and Gareth celebrating their anniversary in London
Kiruna and Gareth celebrating their anniversary in London ( Source : instagram )

Inside Gareth and Kiruna's Married life

Kiruna Stamell and Gareth celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 22. Gareth shared a photo collage with his wife on their 9th marriage anniversary on his Instagram. 

Gareth has been a loving and supportive life partner who does not care about her height or physical appearance. According to him, she is a woman who is a clever, beautiful, and talented actress. The couple shares funny dance videos on their Tiktok account @garethandkiruna. The couple also make videos for kids on their Youtube channel Pirate and Parrot TV with 182 subscribers.

Moreover, they also work together as Executive producers for A Little Commitment Ltd, a company that began in 2014. The company produces small-scale theatre tours of the original Pirate and parrot children's theatre show.