People wonder why Kizza Besigye was arrested as the visuals of him getting escorted by police go viral on the internet.

Kizza Besigye is a Ugandan physician, politician, and former military official.

He served several years in the Uganda People's Defence force but he is better known for his political moves and candidacy.

Besigye stood up for the presidential election four times previously and unfortunately, lost all of them to Yoweri Museveni who has been holding the post since 1986.

Other than the candidacies, Kizza is also well known for conducting mass-level protests in the streets and the recent video of him getting escorted by police has fueled similar rumors.

Was Kizza Besigye Arrested? Why?

No, Kizza Besigye was not arrested but stopped from conducting a protest by the police.

The footage of him being accompanied by multiple officers is actually the police taking him away from the planned protest location.

As mentioned in The East African, Kizza had planned a walking rally, a similar to one that he is known for.

The police were informed about it the earlier day and were present at the location to stop it from happening.

As a result, as soon as Besigye arrived at the place, he was taken away and put in the vehicle to stop the rally from happening.

They held the man until they confirmed that Kizza's walking outside was a safe option.

Since he was steered by the officers, people seem to have mistaken it for an arrest.

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What Is Kizza Besigye Net Worth?

Kizza Besigye's net worth value is expected to be around $1- $3 million.

There is no official confirmation regarding his actual valuation since the official sites have not yet updated the data.

So, we can only speculate the number based on the available information.

As a result, Besigye is thought to have a pretty good fortune.

Kizza Besigye Wife Winnie Byanyima: Who Is She?

Kizza Besigye's wife, Winnie Byanyima, is an aeronautical engineer, politician, human rights activist, and diplomat.

The Ugandan woman is currently the executive director of the UNAIDS as reported on her Wikipedia bio page.

Besigye and Byanyima got married in 1999 and are together ever since then in a happily weeded relationship.

They also have a son together and he is named Anselm.

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