Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Kristen Zang attend the
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Kristen Zang attend the "Romeo + Juliet" Hollywood Premiere on October 27, 1996( Source : gettyimages )

American model Kristen Zang was one of the many models that once called Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio her boyfriend. 

It seems the dating habits of the Hollywood heartthrob have rubbed some people the wrong way after research and analysis ensured he refuses to date someone older than 25. 

Although the age gap is nothing new in showbiz, audiences find it problematic when it becomes a recurring theme rather than a one time love affair. 

The Guardian writer Arwa Mahdawi called the age a setting stone for women as it is then they finally reach maturity after completing their higher degrees. So it gets confusing when a 47-year-old does not seek such adulthood in his lovers but drops them off as soon as they cross his set threshold.

Such a heartbreaking moment occurred when he broke up with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morone, only months after she turned to age. 

Indeed, the phenomenon has become one of the mysteries of pop culture as there is a chance of it being nothing more than a well-timed coincidence.

Meanwhile, Dicaprio has nothing to say on the matter as he and buddy Bradley Cooper got spotted on a yacht trip just a day after his separations reached people's ears.

Quick Info:

NameKristen Zang
Age48 years
OccupationOwner at Emma Lou's Homemade Kitchen
HusbandShea Dale

Zang Wikipedia Bio And Age - Who Is She?

28-year-old Kristen Zang is a former actress and model who stands at 178 centimeters.

The Michigan native gets known for her affection for Leonardo DiCaprio as she was one of the few women he dated older than him.

The brown-haired beauty is the daughter of Veron and his wife Cathy, who had rocky relationships. Having enough, they finalized to separation, only to renew their vows a few years later.

Growing up in a household with four siblings, she did not have much of her parent's attention and got her schooling at Royal Oak Kimball High School. Her well-maintained figure and above-average looks became her ticket to get out of the small town as she moved to Los Angels as soon as she turned 17. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Zang at the premiere of Romeo and Juliet.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Zang at the premiere of Romeo and Juliet. ( Source : twitter )

In two years, she met the man of the hour, Leonardo, as she got smitten with the then 17-year-old. Keeping their age in mind, they did not publically go out until turning the legal age of 21 and were lovers for four years.

The times were different as no paparazzi were hounding their every move, and she freely visited him on set during the filming of Marvin's Room. She quickly adapted to the Hollywood style but still felt surreal. They connected by being nerds doing glamorous jobs on the road to amusement parks, concerts, museums, and movies.

Indeed, she was his plus one when he acted in the most significant roles of his career, like Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, and The Beach.

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Does Kristen Zang Have A Husband?

Former Hollywood headliner Kristen Zang may be one of the few people who found love after fame as she is happily married to her husband, Shea Dale, and quietly living in Oregon.

They met when she had turned 38 and got married just two years later. After almost a decade of togetherness, their love is just as strong as he is a frequent visitor on her social media. 

Last year, she celebrated his birthday by calling him the love of her life, parsing for his abilities, and declaring he worked harder than anyone else she knew of.

You can find more of the public display of affections on her social media handle, itskrizang, where she has just about 500 followers.

Indeed, she is not someone who would forget a loved one as she came to the rescue of her former lover, Dicaprio, when he got labeled an agist after showing up with ladies of a certain age. 

Although their relationship ended when she was 25, circumstances played a part as their passion had run its course. After 20 years, she heard misleading words and rushed to take his side.

Indeed, she shared her side of the story to tell the youngins that one's life does not end after 25 but where it begins. One should never judge people for their choice, especially when the prevailing factors remain unknown. She highlighted the possibility of them caring for the other and still hurting after the break. She also added to give them space and not put their noses in other's businesses. 

Besides, he was not the only A-lister on her list of admirers, as Nicolas Cage began seeing the actress when she was still a teenager. Cage got enamored by her beauty and popped the question when she turned 19. 

After a period of engagement, they realized they were not suited for each other and never made it down the aisle. 

Kristen Zang celebrating her husband, Shea Dale's birthday in 2021.
Kristen Zang celebrating her husband, Shea Dale's birthday in 2021. ( Source : instagram )

How Much Is Kristen Zang Worth 2022?

As of 2022, the net worth of Kristen Zang remains unknown, but we understand she does well enough to support her family. 

She began working when she was only a teenager as she modeled and acted in movies like Dharma & Greg.

After her last appearance in the 2006 flick Hollywood, she let go of her dream of becoming an actress as she realized it was going nowhere. 

At 30, she finally realized her passions lay in dog nutrition and began her company Emma Lou's Homemade Kitchen, in 2008. She has been operating the business for 14 years and creates gourmet dog food using fresh formulas in their kitchen in Beverly Hills.

It all started with her adopted puppy Emma, after receiving her diagnosis of Distemper, a condition that leads to most dogs' demise. The event ignited a flame inside her mind as she scavenged every book and specialist to find out about dog nutrition and the pet food industry.

After extensive research and consultations, she concluded the pet store food was anything but healthy as she gave her customers the AAFCO’s recommended dietary balance option.

Meanwhile, her spouse has a flourishing local business as the owner of Shea-Built Construction. The company specializes in remodeling and new construction in the Eugene area as they seem preoccupied with orders.