Len is a renowned actor who is best known for his role in Blue Bloods
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Len Cariou teeth have grabbed the attention of his fans because of his role in Blue Books. Len Cariou wears fake teeth in the show.

With a career spanning more than five decades, Cariou is a veteran of theater and television and a Tony Award winner. According to his IMDb account, Cariou was featured in Henry V after making his Broadway debut in The House of Atreus.

Two years later, alongside Lauren Bacall in the musical adaption of the movie All About Eve, Cariou secured his first leading role. For this performance, he was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical and received the Theatre World Award.

He received his second Tony nomination in 1973 for his performance in Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler's musical A Little Night Music; he reprised the part of Fredrik in the 1977 motion picture with Elizabeth Taylor.

Len Cariou Appearance Started Discussions Among Fans

Len Cariou teeth look a lot fake in the CBS crime thriller Blue Bloods. Len Cariou doesn't have a functional tooth so he has opted for a prosthetic one.

Cariou's teeth have been the center of the talk recently. One fan even addressed him as "grandpa's teeth" because of how vibrant his face is on the show. 

According to a fan, Len is wearing prosthetics on the show. He previously mentioned that the teeth are fake, but the ones he wears in the show are not his false ones. They are specifically made prosthetics for the show.

Len is renowned for playing the role of Henry Raegan in Blue Bloods
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It is not revealed why Len is wearing prosthetics on the show and why his prosthetics are so vibrant. While many fans love the look on Len, many fans are also not pleased with it. 

Some fans took to social media to explain how his smile looks very unnatural and gives off a buckteeth vibe for Len's character that he plays on the show. Some fans were also making jokes about his prosthetics in a bantering manner.

However, Len does not seem to be bothered by any comments his fans make regarding his prosthetics, and he seems to love playing his character on the show.

Len Is An Important Actor Of Blue Bloods

In 2010, Cariou made his television debut on the CBS series Blue Bloods as Henry Reagan. Since then, the former police commissioner has gained a following that loves him.

Len looks fairly younger in the picture posted on Instagram to wish him a happy birthday
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The patriarch of the tough-but-fair family may be facing the end of his journey shortly, according to recent episodes. Len has played Henry on the show for more than a decade.

He talked about how he acquired the part in an interview with Looper and said he was blown away by the chance to play Tom Selleck's father. 

Henry receives a prostate cancer diagnosis in the most recent episode. Fans speculated that Len could be getting ready to depart from the show after the news, but we doubt he'll miss the upcoming episodes.

The showrunners haven't given us any reason to think that Henry's current illness will cause him to pass away. Len claimed he wouldn't object if the show lasted 12 more seasons. 

So we can breathe a sigh of relief and expect more of Cariou in the coming episodes. The show has been running for a long time, and Len has become a fan favorite over the years.