Lena Ahn landed a recurring role as Lina Yun in Partner Track. ( Source : Imdb )

Lena Ahn is a Korean-American actress known for her recurring role as Lin Yun in the television series Partner Track.

In 2021, the beautiful actress signed on to play a recurring role on the Netflix drama series "Partner Track" based on Helen Wan's novel by creator Georgia Lee. She joined the cast led by Arden Cho, who portrays Ingrid Yun.

Presented by manager Susan Yoo, Lena is a former K-pop star and has previously played on the television side in the Eric Garcia series "Cassandra French's Finishing School" and "Fox's Lie to Me."

Lena is a familiar face one must have noticed around the entertainment world. After being a member of a K-pop girl group, she soon discovered her passion for acting and decided to pursue an acting career. She retired her microphone and chose the script instead.

Following the popularity and positive reviews of the American drama series Partner Track, Lena is gaining an appreciable fan base. The actress's Fans are keen to learn more about her. So, without further ado, let's learn more interesting facts about the young star.

Quick Facts:

Full NameLena Ahn
Date of BirthNovember 2, 1993
Age28 years old
Marital StatusMarried

Lena Ahn Short Wiki Bio

Korean-American actress Lena Ahn was born in Los Angeles on November 2, 1993, and is twenty-eight years old. 

Before entering the film industry, Lena was a part of a famous K-pop girl band called 6MIX. But when she discovered her love for acting, she opted to leave the group and focus on her acting career. 

The actress is also known as a former JYP Entertainment trainee. Ahn stepped into the limelight as a rapper on Sunmi's solo song, Full Moon.

She garnered fame with her solid rap flow and husky voice. Many fans were instantly impressed with her visuals.

Lena Ahn first stepped into the spotlight as a rapper featured on Sunmi‘s solo song, “Full Moon”.
Lena Ahn first stepped into the spotlight as a rapper featured on Sunmi‘s solo song, “Full Moon”. ( Source : instagram )

She was known to be an active member of the debut group, 6MIX. Lena would be debuting with Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and ex-trainee Charlene. However, plans for the group fell, and the young girls were reshuffled to appear on SIXTEEN.

While JYP fans expected Ahn to appear on the show, the young actress surprised everyone by announcing she would leave the company instead. Lena then returned to the United States to pursue a career in acting.

She then landed a role in the first episode of Cassandra French's Finishing School. Lena's career stagnated for a few years until 2022 when she earned a recurring role on Netflix's Partner Track.

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Actress Lena Ahn Boyfriend

Partner Track actress Lena Ahn is happily married to her husband. The former JYP trainee married the love of her life in October 2021. 

She shared several beautiful pictures of herself with her husband, friends, and family from a series of marriage events. The bride looked delighted in a stunning wedding dress pictured with her husband. 

Lena Ahn shared beautiful pictures from her big day.
Lena Ahn shared beautiful pictures from her big day. ( Source : instagram )

Her well-wishers flooded the posts with congratulations messages for the newlywed couple. One of her friends, Jihyo, took to her Twitter handle to congratulate her. "Lena is now married; oh my god, let me have a moment here," she tweeted.

Lena's Instagram post indicated that Korean makeup artist Jessica Lee did her makeup. Moreover, she House of Leehwa for her gorgeous bridal dress. The young actress and her beloved husband happily lead their lives in the United States.

Meet Lena Ahn's Family

Former JYP trainee Lena Ahn was born to her loving parents in Los Angeles, United States. Besides acting, Ahn is also a model and former trainee. 

Ahn often shares loving pictures of her family on her Instagram handle under the username @lenaahn. With 240 posts, the actress enjoys a fan base of over 20.4k followers. The actress enjoys spending time with her family and does not hesitate to share her family moments on Instagram. 

Lena began dancing and acting at a young age. She was featured in the 2005 famous film Memoirs of a Geisha as a student dancer. The film starred Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, and Michelle Yeoh, directed by Rob Marshall. 

Lena Ahn having fun time with her Partner Track family.
Lena Ahn having fun time with her Partner Track family. ( Source : instagram )

In 2009, she had an uncredited role in the television series Lie To Me as a Dancer at Wedding. Created by Samuel Baum, the TV series starred Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, Kelli Willims as Dr. Gillian Foster, and Brendan Hines as Eli Loker.

After returning to the United States to pursue a career in acting, Lena participated in the 2015 Miss Korea USA pageant. Lena was one of the four winners and represented the United States in the Miss Korea pageant in July.

Lena Ahn Net Worth In 2022

The estimated net worth of actress Lena Ahn is around $ 1 million. She has probably accumulated an impressive income from her exposure to the entertainment industry. 

Ahn rose to fame after her appearance in Sumi's solo song "Full Moon." Her husky voice, solid rap, and visuals won millions of hearts. Despite years of hard work, she had been struggling in her career until now.

Lean Ahn was actually a part of a K-pop girl group called 6mix.
Lean Ahn was actually a part of a K-pop girl group called 6mix. ( Source : instagram )

She surprised her fans through her appearance in the Netflix series "Partner Track." The series premiered on August 26, 2022, on Netflix. The series stars Arden Cho, Alexandra Turshen, Bradley Gibson, Zane Phillips, Ronald Peet, and Roby Attal.

Lena is also notable for playing the role of Olivia in the 2016 short film A Passing Glance. Directed by Ryan Jow, the film starred Nerris Nassiri as Julian, Brad Crooker as Man on the Corner, and Brian Koponen as Park Ranger.

Lena Ahn's Early Life

Lena Ahn started acting, singing, and dancing from a young age. She is the winner of the 2009 Miss HiTeen pageant and was later scouted by JYP Entertainment.

After two years, Lena joined the agency as a trainee. In 2013, JYP announced that they would debut a new girl group consisting of six-member in the first half of 2014. Tentatively called 6mix, the lineup was rumored to include Lena, Cecilia, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Minyoung.

Korean-American actress Lena Ahn is a former JYP Entertainment trainee.
Korean-American actress Lena Ahn is a former JYP Entertainment trainee. ( Source : instagram )

By early 2015, Lena and Cecilia left the agency, thus canceling their debut. After leaving the agency, she returned to the United States and focused on her acting career. Lena has since appeared in several television shows, including Good Game.

In 2017, Lena played the role of Jax in the television series Good Game, created by Jesse Cox and Michelle Morrow. The series starred Dan Avidan as Alex Taylor, Arin Hanson as Ryland Smith, Michele Morrow as Ash Donovan, and jade Payton as Sam Kinsey.

Ahn is also active on Twitter under the nametag @lenaahn. She joined the service in January 2015 and has gained over 1.2k followers.

Some FAQs

How old is Lena Ahn?

Lena was born on November 2, 1993, and is 28 years old.

How tall is Lean Ahn?

Lena stands at approximately 5-feet-4-inches. The actress has naturally dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Is Lena Ahn on social media?

Ahn is available on Instagram under the username @lenaahnn. The actress goes by the same username on Twitter.

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