Lera Abova at backstage at Ganni for the Spring/Summer 2018
Lera Abova at backstage at Ganni for the Spring/Summer 2018( Source : adamkatzsinding )

Russian model turned-actress Lera Abova stands at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

Abova got cast in the new Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin movie.

Indeed, the Pitch Perfect films need no introduction as their hilarious comic timing, and exceptionally talented cast have been gaining success over the years. With Megan Amram, the creator behind Silicon Valley and The Good Place, taking the writer's spot, the new installment would see a boost from its predecessors. 

This time, the audience would not have to drive home with disappointment, as the franchise finally gets its television counterpart with its first season focused on Bumper, played by Adam Devine. After working as a security guard, Bumper finally gets the courage to follow his dreams as he moves to Berlin to answer his callings. 

Its premise gets set on November 23 on Peacock as its original network.

Lera Abova Height And Measurements: All You Need To Know.

Lera Abova stands taller than most ladies as her height is five feet nine inches. Born and raised in Siberia, the 30-year-old exudes signature cold yet elegant qualities.

Indeed, her distinctive features have scored her a deal with AFA Prime Talent & Paradigm, as the Russian beauty is an emerging model. There is no doubt that she has won the genetic lottery with her greenish-brown eyes and got blond hair.

Her waist measures 61 centimeters, with an 82 centimeters bust and 88 centimeters hip. Her shoe size is a modest 39 EU.

Besides, she towers over her cast members, the frontman and male lead, Bumper, played by Adam Devine. The pitch-perfect veteran stands at five feet six inches, just three inches short of her. The Vancouver native has never let his stature define his craft, getting starring roles solely from his unwavering talent.

On the other hand, his female lead, Sarah Hyland, is not so fortunate, as her height of five feet and doe-like optics have made her seem way younger than her years.

Her eyes may be deceiving as they give her an air of innocence. But one must not get fooled as she developed a hardened exterior with her physical and mental health troubles.

Lera Abova’s impressive height at show at Paris, France in 2021
Lera Abova’s impressive height at show at Paris, France in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Meanwhile, Flula Borg may be the only cast member who can tower over her with an impressive height of six feet three inches. The musician from Germany has been blessed with his ancestors as he never has to worry about his figure. The 40-year-old has been a well-known name with collaborations with Youtube personalities like Rhett and Link, Miranda Sings, and Smosh.

Let us forget the beautiful English actress Jameela Alia Jamil who plays Gisela. She stands one inch taller than Abova but has taken a long time to come to terms with her body. 

Indeed, the lady is a gem who does not fear others' criticism, opening up about the problems of an ethnic girl. The abundance of body hair and thick locks would instigate others to bully her as she hopes to bring a wave of positivity through whatever influence she gets.

Lera Abova: Five Facts You Should Know

Lera Abova is the latest addition to the Pitch Perfect franchise, but only a little remains known about her background. So we have compiled five facts that may baffle you about the emerging model turned actress. 

Lera Abova for Ralph Lauren in Munich, Germany
Lera Abova for Ralph Lauren in Munich, Germany ( Source : instagram )

  1. 30-year-old Lera Abova is originally from Russia and began modeling as a teenager. Her events have aided her travels worldwide, visiting Tokyo and New York multiple times by the age of 20.
  2. She got a big break in 2016 when she shot with her mentor, grunge legend David Sims. She still thanked him for discovering her and Luc Besson for opening sacred doors to the film industry.
  3.  Lera Abova is currently assigned to A Management and shot covers for Vogue Paris, Vogue Germany, Vogue Australia, Voge Russia, and Vogue Ukraine.
  4. Lera Abova plays a successful DJane and music producer in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.
  5.  Although she likes quiet art house movies, her dream resides in acting in a Marvel production. Historical films are her guilty pleasure, as she would not mind getting cast in an Ulrich Seidl project.