Lily Collins portrays Emily Cooper in the Netflix series Emily in Paris
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Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins has been suspected of plastic surgery procedures including botox, lip fillers and some form of injections. However, none of these speculations have been confirmed yet.  

The long-awaited second season of the American-French romantic comedy series Emily in Paris season 3 finally arrived on December 21, 2021. Emily has once again caught the attention with her bold, colorful, and occasionally outrageous fashion looks.

Just as her character in the hit Netflix series has been a topic of conversation among fashion moguls, the actress also remains to be a constant topic of interest between her fans and critics.

Her transformation over the years is one of the most commonly talked about subjects when it comes to the actress. 

The subject even reached a physician who made her observations on Lilly's face and provided a short report.

Lily Collins Plastic Surgery

With Lily Collins' age-defying looks, the tabloids are rife with rumors as she is suspected of having plastic surgery.

Fans have recently come across her character Emily's bold and colorful fashion looks in the latest episodes of Emily in Paris. People are stunned by her flawless and pleasing appearance in the second season of the comedy television series.

Played by Lily, Emily gets used to the Parisian lifestyle while her looks and makeup take a closer look at the classic French beauty. Following her appearance in the series, many wondered if she had plastic surgery, while some claimed she had enhanced her look.

Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins looks stunning with or without plastic surgery.
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There is, however, no evidence confirming these claims, and they just remain as rumors. Many individuals stated that the actress is flaunting her natural looks and that there are no surgical treatments. Nevertheless, Lily is undeniably beautiful with or without cosmetic surgery.

It's common for celebrities to get attacked by wild claims about them whenever they appear in a different look. Moreover, BBC News Gossip has dedicated a whole article addressing the online rumors claiming Lily had changed her appearance.

Lily's photograph with clean and sharp eyebrows kicked off even more interest in the actress, with Celeb's Diaries claiming an eyebrow life was evident. Her distinctive eyebrows raised many questions in the media that she had done the brow lift.

An eyebrow implant involves replacing the eyebrow hair by transferring scalp hair to the eyebrows. However, the Rules Don't Apply actress has not addressed such rumors and continues to flaunt her beauty.

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Lily Collins Before And After Photos

Lily Collins's appearance has greatly changed since she entered the entertainment industry. The only thing that has remained constant in her before and after looks is her age-defying beauty.

Over the years, Collins has faced various rumors surrounding her looks and the possibility of plastic surgery. Fans often wonder if she has undergone a face implant cosmetic surgery to make her eyes look better.

Lily Collins's fashion evolution through the years.
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Many believe the actress wanted to transform her body and make it more pleasing. Collins once stated that everyone desires to stay young and alter things about themselves. 

In an interview with Instyle Magazine, Lily stated that her eyebrows had been so big and bold on her face since childhood, and she wanted to change that. She was so insecure about it that she fixed her eyebrows and preferred to keep them in the most natural shape.

The 33 years old star may have changed her bows, but it is still a mystery if she experienced plastic surgery. According to the latest poll, seventy-eight percent of experts deny that Collins has undergone any plastic surgery.

Lily Collins Beauty Secret

Beautiful actress Lily Collins regularly takes care of her skin, and her skin looks perfect. One of the reasons for her glowing skin may be mesotherapy treatments and a healthy skincare routine.

In mesotherapy, a solution containing powerful antioxidants, micronutrients, and vitamins is used to rejuvenate the skin. The process helps stimulate cells to produce collagen and elastin. Many components, such as hyaluronic acid, trigger new collagen production in the skin.

It gives the skin young and french looks. The treatment helps remove wrinkles and makes skin glow. Lily follows healthy skincare and makeup routine that best suits her skin. There is no denying that the actress is an abundance of quirky fashion looks and oh-so-perfect touch-ups.

Lily pictured with her beloved husband, Charlie McDowell.
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She looks amazing with her defined eyebrows, ever-enviable eyeliner, and porcelain complexion. Not a scene in Emily in Paris goes by where fans don't admire Emily (played by Lily), be it for her low-key, fresh-faced makeup or her outlandish outfit choices.

Off-screen, Collins is just as much a beauty queen as her on-screen character. The actress has been the face of Lancome since 2014. Whether the beauty is pulling out all the stops for the red carpet walk or rocking a relaxing off-duty vibe, she's a constant source of makeup inspiration.

Everything Lily Collins Uses To Look Flawless

She has previously shared the secret behind her strong brow look. Lily goes in with highlighter to highlight her eyebrows rather than beginning with a brown pencil or pomade.

While sharing her morning routine with vogue, she said she started her day with two spritzes of the B. Immune, Propolis Throat Spray, which she says helps with a scratchy throat. Lily added that she uses Cetaphil gentle Skin Cleanser in the morning with a facial brush.

The actress flaunting her natural looks on Instagram.
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She follows her cleanser with Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner. To work her serum in, she rolls a jade roller over her skin soon after applying her serum in the morning. As her skin isn't as hydrated as she would love for it to be, she uses Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist with coconut water.

To ensure her lipstick applies evenly, Collins uses a lip scrub followed by Burt's Bees Lip Balm. It makes sure that her lops stay extra hydrated. She applies Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Multi-Defence Aqua UV Gel -her SPF of choice as it sits under makeup.

Lily Collins Weight Loss And Anorexia

Lily Collins portrayed a young woman battling anorexia in the 2017 hit American drama film To the Bone. The actress lost around 20lbs (9 kg) for the role in the Netflix movie.

Collins opened up about her weight loss for To the Bone, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, during an interview with Glamour Magazine. The entertainer has been vocal about suffering from bulimia and anorexia during her teenage years. 

The actress stated that she was not given a number or goal weight but lost around 20 lbs. Her nutritionist put her on many supplements, and was just eating specific things. She was proud of the fact she was never overly tired.

Lily Collins clicks with Seth Rogen. She thanks him for including and letting her live out all her Cher Horowitz dreams on Netflix Comedy.
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Lily never missed a day of work and never forgot her lines. She and her team maintained a semblance of control over the period and ensured her body was functioning. She also revealed that she had previously suffered from an eating disorder.

Her condition made her nervous about accepting the role of a young college dropout named Ellen dealing with anorexia. Lily stated, "I was anxious, but the anxiety drove me forward as I wanted to do this film for a greater purpose.

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Some FAQs

When did Lily Collins began acting?

She began acting at the age of two in the short-running BBC series Growing Pains. She then appeared in two episodes of the teen drama series 90210 in 2009.

Who are Lily Collins's parents?

Collins is the daughter of English musician Phil Collins and his second wife, Jill Tavelman. Her mother is an American who is the former president of the Beverly Hills Women's Club. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother, following her parents' divorce in 1996, which occurred when she was six.

How old is Lily Collins?

Lily Collins was born on 18 March 1989 and is thirty-three years old. The actress was born and raised in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.