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Lily of the Valley tattoo has gained popularity for its sheer beauty and delicate appeal. Celebrated as a birth flower, its rise in tattoo trends is fueled by its charming aesthetics.

Its dainty, bell-shaped blooms and lush greenery captivate tattoo enthusiasts seeking elegant and visually striking designs. Artists adore the tattoo versatility, crafting personalized renditions that suit diverse preferences. Here is the list of the best May birth flower tattoo designs for your next ink.

Lily of the Valley Tattoo Meaning

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The Lily of the Valley is a flower that is often associated with the return of happiness and the arrival of spring. However, it also carries a sense of caution or warning due to its toxic nature, signifying both sweetness and potential danger.

In tattoo symbolism, a Lily of the Valley represents:

  • Purity and Innocence: Due to its delicate appearance and sweet fragrance, the flower is linked to purity and innocence.
  • Caution or Warning: Because it's toxic if ingested, some interpret the flower as a symbol of caution, reminding individuals to be wary or careful despite appearances.
  • Love and Romance: In some contexts, the flower is associated with love, expressing the giver's affection and sweetness towards the recipient.

1. Single Bloom Tattoo

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If you are born in May and planning on getting the birth flower tattoo, then you can try out the minimalist tattoo design. This single-bloom yet profound nature tattoo ensures that it stands out as a timeless expression of grace and positivity.

In this tattoo, the graceful curvature of its stem, adorned by tiny, fragrant flowers, speaks volumes about life's delicate balance and the beauty found in simplicity. Its white petals symbolize purity of heart, while its fragrance embodies the sweetness of memories and new beginnings.

2. Spooky Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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For bold and spooky lily flower tattoo designs, you can intertwine unmistakable eerie elements, like winding thorns, creeping vines, or mystic symbols to the petals. The innocence of the flower juxtaposed with an almost supernatural essence evokes mystery and intrigue.

You can also consider incorporating shadowy, mist-like wisps or a hauntingly beautiful skull emerging from within the blooms to add an extra layer of macabre charm. It can make for a striking tattoo, inviting contemplation on the duality of life, beauty, and the unknown.

3. Lily of the Valley and Bee Tattoo

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The contrast between the fragile beauty of the lily and the industrious, vibrant bee could symbolize the harmony between fragility and strength, or the delicate balance in nature. The bee's presence adds movement and life to the tattoo, accentuating the flower's natural elegance.

Adding soft colors to highlight the lily's white petals and the bee's golden hues, creates a visually striking yet harmonious composition. It not only embodies the beauty of nature but also encapsulates themes of diligence, symbiosis, and the interconnectedness of life.

4. Heart Shaped Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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To give the tattoo the most unique look, you can design the heart-shaped Lily on the Valley. In this design, the heart shape is formed by the graceful curves of the lily's stems and leaves, with the bell-shaped flowers artfully adorning its contours.

The heart's silhouette created by these elegant flowers could represent love, purity, and the sweetness of affection. Giving intricate details within the heart's outline, the tattoo accentuates the lily's delicate features or adds subtle shading to create depth and dimension.

5. Lily of the Valley with Butterfly and Crescent Moon Tattoo

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Featuring a lily of the valley, a butterfly, and a crescent moon, the May flower tattoo creates a beautiful and symbolic composition. The lily of the valley entwined with a butterfly—a symbol of transformation and renewal—alongside the crescent moon, symbolizes mystery and the cycle of life.

Imagine the delicate lily of the valley blooms gracefully arranged, perhaps wrapping around the curvature of a crescent moon. Perched upon the flowers, a butterfly, its wings showcasing vibrant hues, adds a sense of movement and life to the scene.

6. Hummingbird and Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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A hummingbird delicately poised amidst the lily of the valley blossoms creates a stunning tattoo brimming with symbolism and beauty. The bird, vibrant and lively, hovering over the delicate bell-shaped flowers, symbolizes joy, resilience, and the pursuit of life's sweetness.

The design showcases the hummingbird sitting on the stem of the lily in the valley. The intricate details of the bird and the delicate elegance of the flowers intertwine in an exquisite dance of nature's beauty. Soft, pastel colors could enhance the lily's grace, while the hummingbird's vivid hues bring a lively contrast.

7. Lily of the Valley with Flower Fairy Tattoo

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Combining the enchanting elegance of the flower with the whimsical allure of a fairy, the tattoo embodies a sense of magic, innocence, and natural beauty. This tattoo symbolizes innocence, purity, and the enchanting beauty of nature.

The design features a delicate Lily of the Valley bloom alongside an ethereal flower fairy. The fairy, portrayed in vibrant colors, could be depicted in a graceful pose, adorned with or surrounded by blossoms, radiating a sense of wonder and enchantment.

8. Lily of the Valley with Rising Sun Tattoo

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The tattoo creates a symbolic fusion of rebirth, new beginnings, and the delicate beauty of the flower. The Lily of the Valley, combined with the rising sun, embodies the promise of a new chapter or the start of a positive journey.

The design might depict the Lily of the Valley blooming beneath or intertwined with a rising sun. The sun could be illustrated with vibrant hues, emanating rays that gently touch the delicate flowers, signifying the start of a new day, renewal, and hope.

9. Snake with Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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The mystique of the serpent with the delicate beauty and symbolism of the flower, represents a myriad of concepts, such as beauty and danger, innocence and transformation. It symbolizes the idea of renewal and new beginnings amid the complexities of life.

The tattoo features a sinuous snake intertwined with or coiled around Lily of the Valley blooms. The snake’s presence evokes the notion of shedding the old to embrace new chapters and can be depicted in a dynamic or poised position, interacting with the delicate flowers

10. Butterflies Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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Planning on adding some cute natural elements to your tattoo? Nothing can beat the butterfly with the flowers. Merging the transformative nature of butterflies with their delicate beauty, this tattoo represents metamorphosis, renewal, and the cycle of transformation.

For the design, you can depict vibrant butterflies fluttering among Lily of the Valley blooms. The delicate petals of the flowers could serve as a backdrop for the colorful wings of the butterflies, creating a visually captivating and harmonious composition.

11. Plum Blossom and Lily of the Valley with Cross Tattoo

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Portraying plum blossoms and lily of the valley, the tattoo design surrounds or interweaves with a cross. Plum Blossoms symbolize perseverance, hope, and new beginnings. The cross holds significant religious meaning, symbolizing faith, sacrifice, and spiritual devotion.

This tattoo combines the elements of spirituality, renewal, and faith. It might represent the idea of hope and new beginnings through faith, the purity found in spirituality, or the resilience and purity of the heart despite life's challenges.

12. Negative Space Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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The negative space defines the outlines or petals of the Lily of the Valley, leaving the skin as the backdrop. This style symbolizes purity, simplicity, and the intrinsic beauty found in minimalistic designs. It captures the essence of the flower's grace and delicacy.

This artistic technique showcases the Lily of the Valley's delicate form by outlining or leaving negative space within a larger design. It emphasizes the flower's elegance, portraying its beauty through subtlety and minimalism.

13. Lily of the Valley Magic Cat Tattoo

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If you are ever thinking of adding a mythical essence to the tattoo design, then a magical cat with a lily on the valley is the perfect choice. The cat tattoo can be depicted in a mystical pose, surrounded by or wearing delicate flowers, radiating an aura of enchantment and allure.

Embodying the whimsical and ethereal connection between nature and mystical elements, the tattoo captures the mystique and grace of the cat alongside the delicate charm of the Lily of the Valley, merging two enchanting symbols to create a representation of otherworldly beauty and magic.

14. Lily of the Valley and Frog Tattoo

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Do you know what a frog symbolizes as a tattoo? The frog is a symbol of transformation, adaptability, and good luck in various cultures. Merging this tattoo various themes, such as renewal, adaptability, and the balance between delicate beauty and transformation.

It might signify the harmony between nature's purity and the frog's ability to navigate change and transformation throughout its lifecycle. The frog could be depicted in a lively or serene pose, enhancing the whimsical charm of the tattoo.

15. Anime Character with Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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Creating an anime character with a lily of the valley tattoo combines the character's aesthetic with the symbolic significance of the flower. The tattoo represents aspects of the character's journey, such as resilience, purity of heart, or a longing for a new beginning.

In this design, the flower is integrated into the anime character's design, either as part of their clothing, and accessories or even incorporated into the character's overall appearance. For instance, the flower might be depicted as a hair accessory, adorning the character's outfit.

16. Lily of the Valley Scissor Tattoo

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Combining these two elements in a tattoo design could convey various meanings. The scissors could represent cutting away negativity or obstacles, signifying a fresh start or the act of severing ties with the past. This imagery might illustrate the beauty that arises from letting go.

Alternatively, the scissors could symbolize craftsmanship or artistic expression, suggesting the act of pruning or shaping life's experiences to create something beautiful. The Lily of the Valley, in this context, could represent the blossoming results of careful, precise work and dedication.

17. Lily of the Valley Bracelet Tattoo

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Blending the natural beauty of the flower with the adornment of a bracelet, the tattoo signifies the intertwining moments of purity, growth, and rejuvenation throughout life’s journey. The bracelet itself symbolizes adornment, accentuating and celebrating the wrist.

It beautifully encapsulates the idea of continuous renewal and enduring elegance, as the flowers encircle the wrist in a timeless and graceful embrace. It's a reminder of the beauty found in the natural cycle of growth, renewal, and the ongoing pursuit of purity.

18. Lily of the Valley Stamp Tattoo

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This tattoo represents the significance of personal messages, encapsulating sentiments of purity and joy. Symbolically, the stamp embodies nostalgia for handwritten letters and simpler times, evoking a longing for heartfelt communication and meaningful connections.

The stamp’s imagery signifies a renewal of hope and happiness, akin to the freshness and promise of a newly stamped letter. The Lily of the Valley's intricate beauty within this design accentuates the idea of timeless elegance and the enduring allure of heartfelt expressions.

19. Vintage Botanical Illustration of Poppies and Lily of the Valley Tattoo

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The red poppies, renowned for symbolizing remembrance and passion, dance alongside the Lily of the Valley's subtle bell-shaped blossoms. This composition symbolizes the interplay between memories and the pursuit of joy, blending the nostalgia of remembrance.

The vintage botanical aesthetic adds a timeless allure, highlighting the beauty found in the artistry of nature. Each element, meticulously etched in this tattoo, speaks volumes about the coexistence of strength and gentleness, boldness and innocence.

20. Lily of the Valley with Bunnies Tattoo

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If you want a cute tattoo design then the delicate and enchanting Lily of the Valley intertwined with playful bunnies creates a captivating narrative of innocence and beauty. The combination of the tattoo represents fertility, youthfulness, and spontaneity.

The juxtaposition of these elements in a tattoo design can signify a harmonious blend of fragility and resilience, purity and playfulness. The bunnies' lively nature adds a whimsical touch, infusing the serene beauty of the flowers with a sense of joy and movement.